Chanel Expandable Bag

  1. Hi,

    Am currently waiting for black expandable bag (as seen in the Spring/summer 2007 ACT 1 in white). The SA showed the pictures but obviously it's not going to be enough till you see it there.

    Does anyone own one? And if so please, please help a girl out... just want to know any info ...

  2. the expandable i beleive is from act 2 and is not in stores yet, but very soon. March is usally when the last of the spring summer come in.
  3. I just got mine yesterday. I must admit, when I first saw them (photo) I did not like them at ALL. I even wrote that in another post. But yesterday, I was in Saks looking for a black bag and my SA came out with that one, It was love at first sight! Gorgeous leather, easy in and out, subtle style... I would definitly check it out.

    Mine is a bucket style, black quilted with silver hardware. I am not sure the name but it says sac cordon on the box.
  4. ^Look at my thread in the CHanel forum re:this bag..I have issues with my new expandable and the stitches fraying...But I still love it.LOL!

  5. Which Saks did you get yours at???
  6. Saw that bucket style bag at the trunk show in dark white - it rocks!
  7. I got it at Saks in Boca Raton.

    Tomorrow they are having thier cash back promotion. I got over 300 dollars back on the bag!

    The SA there is Marta, I don't know if she had any more but you can give it a try. 561-393-9100
  8. I got mine at Chanel store in FLA.
  9. Sabi -- it was you who got the bucket expandable!!!!? I hugged it :p about a week ago, at the very same Saks!!!! Marta helps me too!!! the Expandable line is pretty much the most gorgeous i have ever seen in Chanel.......................functional, beautiful, durable, classic yet not "stuffy", and with an edginess that's sexy. :idea: omg, we should meet up there!!!!

  10. the bucket expandable is gorgeous!!
  11. Yippeee! I should have one coming soon!
  12. Purse-onality - I have noticed from your post that we often run in the same circles! Maybe I know you already!!! It's a small, small world......especially in Boca!