Chanel Cosmos Bag

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  1. Is the Cosmos bag in black a good "starter" bag? I'm pretty casual and just looking for some guidance on what would be a good first bag for me. Thanks for the input! 13383771_10154928771449616_1771783696_o.jpg
  2. I haven't seen this bag in person, can you share some details about it such as size, length of chain etc. Is this a crossbody bag? It looks nice!
  3. I haven't seen this bag in person either but I do love it. I've seen photos of crossbody and it looks like a perfect simple crossbody bag. There was one on annsfabulousfinds that was in blue but sold (I was eyeing it but then when I decided I wanted it was sold). Check it out with the pics. Hope this helps!
  4. the chain is too short for crossbody. I WISH it could be crossbody. The chain is maybe 18" as a single, or about 8 doubled. How do we wear these bags? with the chain extended to one strand, or always double? Either? it's about 9x6x3
  5. Classic flap will be the best starter
    Safest timeless design
  6. You can wear the bag either way in regards to the chain. If this is your first bag, I'd encourage you to go to a boutique to get some feel for how you'd like the bag to fit you etc. You can look at the different leathers too. If you're wanting crossbody, maybe go for a mini as a starter piece?
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