Chanel coco handle: help me decide!!

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468626930.431634.jpg

    Hi all, so far I have received great advice on the Chanel forum for my Chanel related dilemmas, so I am hoping you guys can talk some sense into me today

    I posted on this forum earlier his year asking if I should buy the Chanel ML classic or Chanel coco handle as my first cc bag - it was a unanimous vote for ML flap - which is what i got and am very happy with. But I still had coco handle on my mind...

    Fast forward 6 months later, I saw a post of Instagram of someone wanting to sell the exact same coco handle that I wanted! Exactly what i wanted and barely used (medium size, black caviar, ruthenium HW)- for 1000AU less than retail (AUD4000). And she was in my city!! I snapped it right up!

    I am now on ban island after 4 Chanel handbags since March.. Oops.. The Chanel addiction/struggle is real.

    Today I see on snapehbp's instagram that she has bought the exact same handbag BUT with a removable strap!

    Am I crazy for wanting to buy this and selling the one I have? My SA has already texted me and said that my store will have the new one come in. They look identical exact the clasp. I do use the strap a lot but I can't help but want this extra bit of versatility...

    Or should I keep mine and the savings - I would have to buy the new one retail and sell this one at a lost - hubby would prefer me keeping it because he thinks there is such a minor difference

    Am I cray? What should I do?
    Thank you for your time!
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  2. I would keep it. The bag is gorgeous as it is
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  3. Keep it and be happy. Try not to torment yourself. Just enjoy.
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  4. With the Coco handle style I liked how you can twist and wrap the long strap around the top handle if you're not using it. Unless you know you'll only be carrying it by the top handle, I don't think a detachable strap is necessary. Plus if you end up with a loss, I'm not sure it would be worth that extra bit. Try wearing yours out more and see how you like carrying it best!
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  5. I like carrying it both ways.

    One thing that does annoy me that the chain gets twisted very easily - and untwisting is really hard.

    You're all probably right - I was so happy when I got it at first - this new model shouldn't make me like mine less!
  6. The bag is a gorgeous keeper and you do not have to worry about misplacing the removable strap.
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  7. Well... I will be the dissenting voice. I like the removable strap as it makes the purse more classy looking.

    Top handle bags with a shoulder strap I think are a trend now as everyone seems to want to be hands free. But wait a few years and there will be another trend.

    I don't like "all in one bags". A bag needs to be either shoulder or top handle or crossbody otherwise it looks like a hodgepodge. That's why we have different bags.

    A true top handle does not have a shoulder strap so if you think this is THE top handle bag, I would get one with a removable strap.

    Like the Kelly... What makes this is a classic is the clean top handle. The strap is nice but makes it more casual and clumsy looking.

    This bag rocks without the strap and to me, it doesn't look good worn as a shoulder bag and if you need a shoulder bag, you can use another bag. The beauty of this design IS the top handle.

    I would spend the money now to get what I want and no, you are not crazy. I have also purchased "version 2" of items that I like better and there is nothing wrong with it.

    My two cents. Hope this helps.
  8. ❤️ beautiful
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  9. It depends on how much disposable cash ur willing to splurge really. Cos I'm sure for some ppl getting bags at Chanel prices is considered crazy haha.

    But Imagine a scenario where ur presented with the 2 bags new at retail. Detachable $4000, non-dt $3000... All else equal... Which one would u hav gotten?

    Sometimes I'd like to think the $1000 I save now... Is like a discount on my next bag. And who doesn't love a $1000 discount on Chanel? ;)
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  10. The bag is very beautiful and so is your kitty :heart::smile:
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  11. Your bag us stunning. I would stay with what you have. But yoy have to decide if you really will be taking the strap off that much? May I ask if this is the medium or large size and also what the item number is for this one you have? I'm on the waitlist for this bag and don't understand the difference between the medium and large. I like your size

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  12. Keep the Coco Handle you currently have since the only difference all things equal is the detachable straps! You can always cross the straps over when not in used of the bag! Coco Handle is a beautiful bag. Good Luck
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  13. I totally agree... :tup:
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  14. #14 Jul 16, 2016
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    Thanks for your opinion - mine is the medium size. It's a great size - but it does not hold as much as you might think. I was tossing up between the small and medium - glad I went bigger! Also - this hand bag has the puffiest quilts on any CC handbag I own :heart:
  15. Hehehe.. I forgot that she was in this pic until after I posted. She is such a busy body - always seeking the camera.
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