Chanel CC Pearls or Dior Double Pearl earrings?

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  1. So, I want to treat myself a little next week and I will purchase a new pair of earrings.
    Only I can't decide which to get – either a pair of classic CC earrings with the little round hanging pearl or should I get the double Pearl earrings from Dior?

    I so far have two Chanel pairs (metall CC with black pearls and big CCs with some cute details) and of course I have the classic real pearl earrings. This is what I have to what is similar to the earrings I consider.
    I don't want to buy both, as I don't think fake pearls are worth so much money, but I need one pair :graucho:

    So, what would you guys get?
  2. Since you have 3 pair of Chanel earrings already... I would go with the Dior :smile: I just bought the double dior and a pearl Chanel brooch...and it looks so cute together!! Good luck with your decision!
  3. I only have two pairs of Chanel :smile:
    but thank you for your advice!
  4. I like the Dior double pearls, they look unique and different from the usual pearl drops. How much are they? I also want some now 😣
  5. Definitely the Dior Tribal double pearl earrings. They're really unique and I don't think they'll be around forever, whereas i think the Chanel pearl earrings you still might be able to get later on if u decide to add more pearl earrings to your collection.
  6. I'd go for the Dior
  7. I love Dior Pearl Tribal Earrings. Check the below and we have been talking about them a lot :smile: I think the pearl one is now $430...the price has been going up crazy so not 100% sure.

    And yes, someone said this season might be the last season for the tribal earrings.
  8. Thank you so much pinktailcat for the info and link!! I'm going to hunt a pair down now :smile:

  9. So, I just called and the price is $410 for the pearls. He has tons of them in different colors but only one pair in the pearl, of course they shall be mine! Such a shopping addict I am! :smile: