Chanel Cambon Wallets

  1. I am usually in the LV forum,( as you can kind of see in my signature) but I have come here to ask a question if thats okay with you guys....

    Do have any suggestions and prices for Cambon wallets? I am thinking about buying one....THANKS! :tender:
  2. have you looked through our Reference Library? There is probably each style in there w/ prices.
    There's more than one style/color, hopefully you get the answers you need!
  3. thanks swanky mama!
  4. i couln't find that many prices on wallets.....
  5. nobody? :crybaby:
  6. I have this one ... it was $595 plus Tax

  7. hmmmm...i like it....can i see the inside of it?
  8. I believe there are 3 wallet sizes for the cambon. I have the medium sized wallet. It was $479.49 (price including CA sales tax). I don’t have any pictures to show you though, sorry. It’s the longer wallet but there are only 4 slots for credit cards and you have to keep dollar bills folded in it. I wish I had bought the one QueenVictoria has because you can keep more credit cards and don’t have to fold your money.

    Here is an eBay auction with the wallet I have for sale:
    eBay: *NIB AUTH CHANEL BLACK LEATHER WALLET CAMBON FALL 2005* (item 270077149156 end time Jan-12-07 19:00:36 PST)
    It definitely does not retail for $675 though like the auction states it does.
  9. My friend just purchased a Cambon wallet. It was $445.00 I am trying to find a picture of it. It's really nice. It has five credit card slots and a zipper part for change.
  10. SURE! here ya are:

  11. [​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]
  13. i love the hot pink lining! thanks victoria!
  14. no offence to the wallet. but for 500 dollars, i would rather wait off for twice the time and get a chanel cambon tote!