Chanel Cambon Large Tote Question

  1. Hi-I usually post in the LV forum-and am pretty new here;) in Chanel
    I wasn't sure if this question should be here or in the shopping area- so if Ive posted in the wrong section- mods sorry and please move.
    I'm 99.99% sure I know the answer- but figured I'd double check with the experts here since I'm being asked about it.
    Did the Large Cambon Tote ever come with a "coin purse" attached.- I don't think so-from everything I've read I thought that was a sure sign of a fake bag. thanks
  2. You're never, ever came with a coin purse :smile:
  3. nope, that's a fake for sure. stay away!!
  4. ^^^thanks for confirming that's what I was 99.99% sure of- I'm not buying one..I'm selling mine and I know it's authentic:yes: but I've had people wanting to know if I was including the detachable coin purse..I was like :wtf:
  5. Hehe. When I first started liking Chanel and cruise eBay for cambons I thought the coin purse was a part of the bag too. But it means it's a fake bag!
  6. ^^^unfortunately a lot of people on eBay think it should be part of the bag and don't understand why I'm selling a preloved bag for more than a new one
    ummm.... because the "new" bag your looking at is probably fake:push: