Chanel Cambon experts

  1. Hello ladies. I am aware that there is absolutley no selling, trading, etc. on this site, which is why this post is just asking for information. I am thinking of selling Chanel Cambon Tote on an auction site. I want to provide as much info as possible in my listing but I don't know that much abut my bag.
    Does anyone know what the bag currently sells for brand new? Also, I think some colors have been discontinued. Is beige with black CC's a current color that is offered or is it one of the discontinued colors? Thanks for all of your help.
  2. I believe the beige and black have been discontinued. I know when I bought mine, I got it for a major markdown, however you probably could get good money for it since it is very hard to find.

    I would go to the Chanel reference library under the Cambon thread. It will give you a good idea what to sell your bag for since it has prices of the different style Cambons.