Chanel Business Affinity Bag

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  1. Ok so the second one with the quilting on the top is last season's and it's sold out everywhere. This season's have quilting on the inside and it's kinda ugly (first pic)... I'm debating if I should get it.
    506714637.jpg 20170121_130542.jpg
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  2. I'm not understanding your question. Why would you get anything that you describe as "kinda ugly"?
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  3. I have the second one and I love it. It goes with everything in my wardrobe and I have pretty much ignored my other bags since I bought this even though I love every bag I have. If one thinks it's ugly the price point of the bag is high enough to not buy it - I would go in that case for an alternative like lv capucines in black with ghw
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  4. Beg to differ the new season ine has a sleeker look to me
  5. I have the bag from last season and I absolutely love it. I am not a fan of the new version.
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  6. Agree
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  7. I would not buy anything that I thought was ugly, why would consider it??
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  8. Realised that this time round the bag comes with feet but a disadvantage is that the flap looks like it will be scratched easy
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  9. oooh feet!
    Yeah the top cover looks like it can get scratched easily. They should bring the quilting back to the top cover and add feet to the bottom. One can dream, right?
    This bag is a good investment though. Relatively cheap compared to the classic flap styles.
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  10. I love both bags!
  11. Glad I found this thread as I was wondering why the quilting on the flap was lacking in some photos I saw online.

    As for the smooth flap, I think it looks really nice. Sleeker, as another poster mentioned. I also love the little peek-a-boo quilting on the pocket beneath the flap. I think both versions are nice, though!

    Is the interior all leather like the previous model?
  12. I love the bag in the top picture. Personally, I think it says classic Chanel with a professional twist.

    If you call it ugly I wouldn't buy it because you already hold a grudge against it haha. Just hold out for a bag you absolutely love.
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  13. Haha yes the price is quite assuming nothing has changed on the insideso it is still leather lined
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  14. Looks like the official website's pictures of the new version are so much better than mine lol:

    On the other hand, I saw this one...What's this bag called? And did they ever release a caviar version?
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  15. Thats the trendy cc bag so far only in lambskin
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