Chanel Bangles on sale??????

  1. Curios! Does anyone know if the blue set or pastel set of bangles is on sale anywhere? If so, how much and where? THANKS:confused1:
  2. I purchased my set of 5 blue pastel bracelets for $329.00, down from near $700.00. Good luck.
  3. ^ where are you located? that's a great deal!
  4. california
  5. by the way these are the ones your looking for right? b/c I believe the store I got the blue ones from still have the pink/red/yellow pastel ones on sale.
  6. What deal! Lucky you!
  7. What store did you get them from and do you have an SA I can call, thanks!!!!!!!!
  8. those are the ones, what store can I call, do you have a direct number, thanks
  9. I saw them at Saks in and see if they still have them
    1-610-667-1550...ext 258
    ask for Donna
  10. thanks, i will try in the morning, should I call or should i have my SA call
  11. If U have a Saks SA u use.Just ask them to put it on the locator for u
  12. i don't have a Saks SA only Neiman's I guess I will call myself, thanks
  13. how much are they at saks?
  14. i don't know how much they are at SAKS i will find out tomorrow, did they have anymore at your store in california
  15. Wow, beautiful bangles. Do you know if they come in different sizes or just one size fit all?? TIA.