Chanel Bags From The 1970s

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    I got a bag from a estate sale and thought it was real but need some expert advise ..
    One lady told me that they did not start stamping Chanels until the late 70s and putting serial numbers in them..
    I have this Chanel and it also does not have the stamps or serial number yet looks like lamb skin leather to me and has the two C's and C's on the tassels
    I need someone to look at the pictures and see if this is a real Chanel
    Here are the pictures below..
  2. You can request authentication from etinceler authenticators? They can help you with your bag ;)
  3. They only charge a $5 fee, which is quite reasonable, too. :smile:
  4. the bag's if they are from the 70's will not have stickers they pre date the stickers, Chanel didn't start the stickers till around the mid 80's. I have a few bags that date back that far.
  5. Please do not continue to post the same question over and over.
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