chanel bag under $1000

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  1. Hi ladies,i'm going to nyc next month and i want to buy my first bag.
    What do you advice me?WOC?
    Black/gold chain.
  2. I think you're only option is a wallet. WOC is more than 1K.
  3. I can't think of a bag under $1000 either. Perhaps the Sevruga WOC is close in price.
  4. Can you up your budget by a few hundred, OP? You may be able to get a WOC or Chocolate Bar purse.
  5. Thank you ladies.What store do you buy usually in NYC ?
    Do you recommend some SA?
  6. I like the 57th Street store. Christine Zembower is super sweet and not pushy at all.
  7. The store off of 5th is annoying.... They are always packed and no one wants to help.
    I also wouldn't recommend going to a Chanel inside of Saks or anyother department store. Some of the SA's I've talked to at those stores have told me wrong information regarding style/name/etc.
    My favorite chanel store in New York is the one on Madison Ave in the Upper East Side :biggrin: I wish I knew the SA's name who helped me there last time-- she was fab. I don't remember it though, and I don't believe she gave me her buisness card.
  8. i like 57th too but i do think sometimes the dept stores, like bloomingdales and saks easier to deal with.... ordering from hirsh is always a good option too. or going in if you are in ny area
  9. I have had better luck in Bloomingdale's than seem a little friendlier and not so cold. Dept stores have a decent vaiety. I do think it will be hard to find a bag under $1K, but good luck - Chanel is the best!!
  10. Thank you ,ladies.
  11. There is a designer consignment store that is supposed to be really great..

    might be worth contacting to see if they have any Chanel
  12. JSG Christine is my SA too!... I ADORE HER!!!!!!! Honestly I have a couple SAs at different stores and I always try to give Christine all my business because she is so awesome
  13. I've been there a bunch of times, there are separate sections for Chanel and Hermes. So they always have Chanel at the store, but most of the time it's not necessarily a good deal. I bet you can find better deals on eBay or other sites.
  14. Yay! We're SA twins! :hugs:
    I don't like most of the SAs there, so when I found her, I was soooo happy.