chanel 2.55 or balenciaga????

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  1. I'm going against the grain too - I vote Balenciaga!
  2. chanel!
  3. You have a Bbag already... so go for the Chanel.. it's so beautiful. And if you get a larger size, you can really fit a lot :smile:
  4. Chanel for sure!
  5. chanel.. more classic and timeless
  6. I vote for Chanel too. Classic, timeless and probably a better investment in the long run :smile:
  7. Congratulations on not smoking! What an amazing accomplishment!

    Ah, c'mon. You know you want to buy my immaculate ink twiggy. wink-wink
  8. Chanel 2.55! You can dress it up or down. Congrats on the accomplishment - you really deserve a treat.