chanel 2.55 or balenciaga????

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  1. 2.55!!!
  2. Well, I'll go against the grain here - b-bag. There like potato chips - one (or two, or twenty) is never enough.
  3. Chanel :d
  4. if you can't find a torquoise B-bag, go for the Chanel!!
  5. I would definitely get a Chanel, especially since you already have b-bags !

    How did the hunt for a LV pochette go by the way ?
  6. Another B-bag, you seem to live a very youthful, sporting, adverturous life-style, balenciaga fits that - a Chanel reissue bag will not move with you - it kind of enters the room before you do, they are not as flexible; nor are they wear anwhere with anything.

    My diagnosis of your condition is lack of Balenciaga, I prescribe more balenciaga in 90 days. :P
  7. I think that Chanel would make the best commemoration! (of your new smoke-free lifestyle, i mean). It's special!
  8. Hmm--such an apple and oranges question! Well, I have 3 b'bags now and no Chanel and I'm not sure I want a Chanel, so I have a fundamental bias here. I think of Chanel as being such much more tailored, that I think it really depends upon your personal style. But I wanted to congratulate you on the 3 months of no smoking!
  9. More Balenciaga bags for you because you're young and a really hyper gal. :lol:
  10. ayla

    my bf has set down the law... he's going to Aussie in May and he's like... "if you can stop smoking, i'll buy you a pochette!" he stopped smoking at Xmas and he wants me to quit too so we can have a better quailty of life together... so if i can do it buy may... he'll get me a pochette! :amuse:

    on another note... i had a dream about Chanel last night! ha ha! too much thinking! :shame:
  11. Chanel!!!Please it's so pretty and timeless! You can still use it years and years later!!
  12. Hi! personally i find chanel bags almost as addictive as balenciagas... I think you should get a chanel but in a vibrant color. you'll always have time to get more b's after that :smile: hope this helps
  13. hey everyone

    ok, i'm so confused still about what bag i want! i found a BIRKIN bag on TM and i was wondering if i should actually buy it - but seriously i'd only buy it because i know its just FLASH and plus i dont think i'm the type of person to own one!

    ANYWAY, i think i might of found my CHANEL bag! But im trying to decide on a colour!

    What colour would you pick?

    Baby blue? (classic chanel bag)

    White? (classic chanel bag - without the double flap)

    Black? (smaller size - more like a square shape)

    Ekekek, i can't decide! So please help me out!

    Thanks so much!


    Should i just stick to my plan and get my b-bag FIRST in white????
  14. Chanel. It's such a classic choice.
  15. Absolutely a Chanel!