chanel 2.55 or balenciaga????


Jan 8, 2006
hey everyone

i thought i'd stick this thread in the main one since it sorta fits in one and the other but anyway....

since i'm not doing too bad with the not smoking thing... i thought i'd treat myself when i get to 90 days.... :amuse: like a full 90 days... all in a row.

i was thinking i'd get a white or magenta (since i can't seem to find turquoise spring 2005) FIRST balenciaga to complete my collection of b-bags (yeah right - as if thats going to be my last one) or a chanel 2.55 - i was just surfing eBay and saw one :amuse: but then again, im not too sure if i want to buy of eBay at the moment - im having internal issues with eBay! :shame:

please let me know which one you think i should get! :amuse: and our moderators - please feel free to move this! :biggrin:

thanks :nuts:
Tough choice, HelenNZ .... but I think I'd get the Chanel since you already have B-bags. You have two if I'm not mistaken, right? Every girl should have at least one Chanel.
wow! that was a fast response! you guys are great!

well, i'm still surfing eBay... and i'm looking at chanel.... and thinking about B-bags! oh wonderful, colourful b-bags! hehehehe!

i'm just wondering if anyone could help me with trying to find a good one... eg/ from a good buyer and not a fake etc....

i'm sure there'll be heaps of 2.55 on eBay in 3 months... but i want to do my research and i can't find anything on the chanel thread :sad2: am i going blind?

please someone point me in the right direction and i'll continue my research and let you know what i decide (its only day 4 since i re-lasped 86 more to go).... thanks again in advance for all your help and advice! :amuse:
My opinion is different. Due to my LOVE for all bags. I cant believe that I actually dont care for the Chanel 2.55. Why not add another Bbag to your collection. I dont think one can have too many Bbags. Its like creating a rainbow! Let us know what you choose! Oh, and of course CONGRADULATIONS on non-smoking! Im so proud of you!!!!
Chanel! And just wanted to give a little encouragement on your quitting journey. WAY TO GO!!! The best decision you'll ever make in your life! We're all right behind you and we want to see you reach your milestone and get that bag, whichever you decide!!!
helenNZ- I would say Chanel because you already have a couple of b-bags and it is always nice to have something different... but from your posts it seems that you also LOVE b-bags and wouldn't mind having a few more. I say look for a Chanel to see if you can find one that you absolutely love, but I don't think it would be bad to go for another wonderful color in the b-bag!! Turquoise would be lovely if you could find it :love: