Chanel 1400 or under

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  1. Hey

    Basically I don't want to spend anymore than 700 pounds about 1400 dollars (limiting myself because ive bought too many chanels recently). What Chanels can you get for this price? I have a east/west caviar flap already and a medium so are there any different styles for around this price? Thanks
  2. You could get the timeless clutch or the PST?
  3. Hi thanks for replying. How big is the pst? It looks a bit small for me.
  4. the pst is around the same size of the meduim cambon tote I dont have the measurements but you should be able to fit most daily essentials (not A4 documents) only problem is that it does not have a zipper closure. For £605 it is a good price for a Chanel.
  5. You could also go with a wallet on a chain if you dont mind going even smaller... there are a ton of different types and colors...
  6. u can get the clutch
  7. I have never seen that bag in the stores- sorry
  8. Really? Thank god I didn't bid on that, I was going to :push:. I'm gonna go to chanel today and see what I can find instead.
  9. Well I went to chanel and couldn't see anything so I went to LV instead I got a bigger bag.

    Its my first LV so it feels weird lol I will see if i can find that pink bag though, I got the A number so I may call chanel to see if they have it, i will think about it.