chamois edith owners-is this normal??

  1. OK- I know edith is a distressed kind of gal ...but are your bags part smooth leather and part sorta pebbly? I was giving edith a closer inspection last night and noticed that on the front half of the bag is smooth and the other half is a little pebbly. Most of the back is pebbly. Is this just normal distressing??
  2. My chammy is more pebbly on the rear-end!But very soft...STill loving it!!LOL!
  3. Lots of Edith's are like that (I study all the pics! :shame: ). My choco is pebbled all around, very deeply too. I like both looks; it is the same for the Paddington - some of my satchels are a combo of pebbled and smooth.
  4. My chamois is a lot more pebbly than my whiskey. On my whiskey, it's REALLY pebbly on the bottom, fairly pebbly on the sides, but smooth/distressed on the front and back. The chamois is more uniform, lightly pebbled/textured all over.