Chamois Edith is $1720?

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  1. i dont now if i like the shape.
  2. Thats the large one...The medium is 1275...right????
  3. It looks the same size as the small/medium bag but the dimensions listed make me think it is the larger size.
  4. That's a delish bag:love: :love: :love:
  5. Hmmm... now it's unavailable. I doubt it sold out that quidkly, I wonder if they are correcting a mistake?
  6. I just realized I put it in my cart earlier to see when it was available and when I just tried to check out (out of curiosity), it said, "We are sorry, but item Edith Pocket Tote, Large has been removed because Item is no longer sellable". Does that mean sold out?
  7. The Chamois one on BG looks larger than the Whiskey one on NM - the handles also look sure sold out fast!
  8. Ah, good eye! I kept comparing them and couldn't tell as I wasn't sure if it was the structured vs. unstructured-ness that was fooling me. The handle is definitely longer on the Chamois. Didn't I read or hear that NM had their dimensions wrong on the $1275 version?
  9. Yes, I remember reading about NM dimensions were listed wrong too. I believe the gals who have already received their NM Ediths mentioned it is about 13" or 14" wide?
  10. Does anyone have the dimensions of both the "medium" and the "large"?
    The medium was the bag shown on the runway - it sure looked plenty large to me...?