Chainlink Maggie worth it?

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  1. I've been thinking about getting a Maggie and my outlet currently has the violet op art chainlink Maggie. With discounts the bag comes to $156. Like many others on here, I'm concerned about the sateen fabric being too delicate. While I like many of the op art styles, I always told myself I'd stick to buying leather (I have a leather Hailey), but I don't think I'll be able to buy a fp leather Maggie anytime soon, so I thought the chainlink might be a nice compromise. What do you think? Worth it? Or would it be better to save for a leather version? It's such a hard decision because I love a good deal. Who knows how long it will be before I find another Maggie at that price. I'm not an ebayer so the outlet and fp are my only choices so far. I don't get to the outlets too often though because they're 3 hours away.
  2. I have this bag and i love it it is very delicate tho so you would have to be careful of snags and stains.
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    I can't speak to the Maggie aspect of it, but I recently purchased the violet chainlink in a crossbody with silver leather strap ... and I absolutely *love* it. I've always been a leather girl too, and just like you, I'm conscious of the delicacy of this fabric. But it's just such a pretty pattern, and with colors that work so well together. Yes, the sateen may be more 'delicate', but it just looks and feels so smooth and lovely. :smile: (Sidenote: I've also read many comments here, suggesting that the sateen isn't *quite* as delicate as one might think at first glance.)

    I guess my point is that I had the same concerns as you, yet went with my gut and purchased it anyway. The only special compromise I'm making is that I'm using it primarily for outtings to various theater productions and Arts Center performances we often attend. In other words, "nicer" places where it's unlikely to get stained by food/dirt/etc. I carried it to a performance just the other week, and felt absolutely wonderful with it. :smile:

    With that said though, one thing I've learned here is to go with your gut. So what's your gut really saying?
  4. i love chainlink. I have all kinds of chainlink and what I can say is..
    It's better than sateen material... it doesn't really get dirty as you think it would.

    and also since you have leather hailey, that leather is easy to get little scratches.. I don't mind it but it shows. with chainlink, you don't have to worry about that.

    with that price, i would def. buy the chainlink maggie.

    i have same violet chainlink hailey and mini skinny and i have been using it past 2 months almost. I LOVE THEM!
  5. *That* is very good to hear. :biggrin:
  6. I think they aren't planning to have TWO families of maggies ;) with the release of the mia maggie I'd think the other version will go..including the leather no?
  7. That is what I heard. :sad:
    Part of the reason why I am getting another Mad Maggie instead of a Mia Maggie.
  8. So is one Maggie (the Mia or the Madison) better than the other? I also forgot to ask if the sateen/fabric bags hold up well in rain?
  9. Unless you "love it" you might want to save that money towards something else....IMO that still seems like a lot to pay on a sateen bag. I know it is tempting because it seems like a "good deal" and where you don't shop very often at the outlet...and I have bought bags at a seemingly good deal because I can't pass up a bargain only to return them later
  10. Thanks for your opinions/advice ladies. While I like the violet chainlink Maggie, I have to admit I don't "love" it. I think I'd be happier with a black Maggie whether it be leather or op art. But at fp an op art black Maggie would cost $298 whereas the chainlink would be $142 less which is a pretty big savings. I would be content with the chainlink, but not in love. I bought the Hailey under basically the same circumstances -- chose the less expensive outlet cornflower version over the fp black one, which is what I really wanted (and still want), but the cornflower has grown on me to the point where I don't think I can part with her now. So if I bought the chainlink Maggie that would mean I'd have 2 bags in that light purple color, which I love, but I really need a black bag. I don't know if I could pay $298 for a black op art Maggie though knowing that for that price I could've gotten the black Hailey. But like I said, the cornflower Hailey grew on me and at the moment I don't really want 2 of the same style bag though that might change someday. So that still leaves me needing a black bag. Ya know what? Coach is making me nuts!! lol! :nuts:
  11. My SA told me today that the Madison line is completely changing, all that they have now in stores are going away soon if not already, so I'd say buy the one you really want while you still can.
    I'm glad i snatched up my Midnight Maggie & Black Multi Sateen Maggie when i did =)
  12. Update: So I decided to pass on the chainlink Maggie and instead called both my outlets and had them put my name down so that if they got any black leather/black op art maggie's or a black leather hailey, they'll call me. I'm so glad the outlets are willing to take our information so that if they do get the bags we want they'll contact us first. Has anyone ever gotten a bag that way?
  13. i think the durability of the sateen maggie is being under estimated.

    i'm extremely hard on bags. i carry them like i'm carrying nothing more than a grocery bag. and my locker at work is 2 times to small for the maggie and i cram it in there everyday. i have not seen one rip, snag or scuff.

    i've also taken it to multiple restaurants and had it in the presence of someone dying there hair with no misfortunes or stains.

    i believe they are more rugged than we are lead to believe, or ive just been lucky.