chain around messenger bags

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  1. As I am sure is obvious, I have spent little time looking at Chanel for several years (H had me). Now, I am enjoying this forum and ogling all the bags etc. I have fallen for the chain around messenger bags.

    I have looked in the research area at the chain around bags and it seems they were a limited edition? Have I fallen in love with the right bag at the wrong time?

    Am I banished to ebay to search for one?

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. it looks like on the Pre-fall bags thread, it lists some Chain Around bags! Hopefully you find one! :biggrin:
  3. They are coming back according to fall lists. I recommend choosing a dark color unless you are skilled at avoiding transfer!
  4. They are coming back in the fall but my SA at NM was able to find a few pink CAMS for me last month. ;]
  5. Thanks everyone! I love the large black messenger. I have a message in to my SA. I hope they ordered them.
  6. They are on eBay for a good price!!! Those are my favorite bag also!
  7. Ive managed get a preloved one from and I believe there is still one on sale by a private seller. Go check it out. Hopefully you will find yours. I had finally bought mine after 2mths of searching.:thumbup:
  8. Chanel boutiques have them now in limited quantities! Call NYC soho store!!
  9. My local bloomies has them now, small and medium in black!

  10. Hirshleifers has all three sizes in the blk now!
  11. Does anyone know the length of the shoulder strap for the medium size? Is it as long as a WOC?
  12. I did not measure but it's long as woc so i tied inside with a chanel ribbon to make it short.
  13. Here are the chain around bags my SAs have.

    Attached Files:

  14. hi!can anyone help me with the size of this chain around?i'll post pics pf it with other bags for reference.i would appreciate your help:smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1412934550.987978.jpg
    chain around with 227 reissue

    chain around with lv speedy b 30

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