Cerises speedy rub-off

  1. I recently noticed that a couple of the cherries on the edges of my cerises speedy are starting to rub-off. The cherries are rubbing off to show a yellow color. Now I've only used this bag 10-15 times in less than a year, and have always been really careful with it. For a $995 bag, you'd figure the bag would last longer than a year.

    If I bring it to the store to get it looked at, is there anything LV would do, such as an exchange, repair, or store credit? Anyone else with this problem?
  2. Another PF member had problems with the MC line rubbing off shortly after purchase, and the screening technique is similar. I doubt they'd really be able to do anything, but you could go and try ?
  3. I asked my SA about the same thing when I told them about how I heard the MC was rubbing off. She said that's not supposed to happen and to bring it in so they can exchange it and this was after I told her it had been past the 2 week return limit?? :blink: Maybe she misunderstood me but...?
  4. I havent had this problem but please let me know what they tell you at the boutique in case this occurs.

  5. I've heard stories about rubbing on MC speedies. Girls have brought it obviously used purses, once believe the girl purchased it off of eBay, and they received entirely new bags! I say definitely try to bring in your cerises. However, since it's discontinued I'm not sure what they might do. I once brought in a DC marshmallow vernis where the hardware turned silver. They said it was a defect but could only repair it-not replace since it was no longer in production.
  6. ah. that's right. I completely forgot that the Cerise speedy is no longer available..and who knows what they'll do to rectify the problem. Let us know, regardless.
  7. I think those are rare cases. I've used and ABUSED both MC speedy and Cerises speedy and nothing is rubbing off on either bag.
  8. oh. that's good to know...phew.
  9. That is why I think I may have a defective bag. I expect some wear after awhile, but I've only used it occasionally for less than a year. I was thinking of selling the cerises speedy, but the rub-off brings down the value of the bag. So I'm hoping the LV store would allow me to exchange it for something else.

    Anyone know of a good SA at the Valley Fair LV store?
  10. Shari Nadal- is very nice and extremely helpful!! :love:
  11. hopefully you should be able to return/refund or exchange. i would expect quality from lv... let us know
  12. That's Sounds Way Too Soon For This Happen.....Definitely Bring In
  13. were your bags treated before you used them ?

  14. I just brought it in to the LV store and spoke with the repair person. She said there basically wasn't anything she could do, but she was going to take my bag in and take pictures of the peeling cherries to send to corporate or something like that. She explained that the care booklet states that the colors will eventually fade (but honestly, I took really good care of that bag and that shouldn't be happening already). They will take a look and make a decision on what to do with the bag and whether to offer store credit. So now I'm without my cerises speedy for 4 weeks, since that is when they said they would get back to me. I'll keep you guys updated.
  15. :sad2: 4 weeks will pass by quick!!!!


    i hope after the 4 weeks you get a good answer to why this is happening! i'll be thinking of ya over the weekend!!!