Cerise vs. Regular

  1. Does anyone feel that when you compare the two, the plain LV looks a tad boring and dull to the cerise? I'm really considering it, but just am worried that it looks childish:wacko: . Also, in the keepall style, that is more of a duffel than a handbag, correct? Thanks guys!
  2. yes, the keepall is a duffel.

    i don't think the mono looks plain compared to the cerises...without the mono, there is no cerises, LOL. especially for those who like the classic LV look, the mono is perfect...some people are good at carrying off bags with a little spice and punch like the cerises, and that's how I view things.
  3. I like them both. The cerises is hard to find, so if you have the opportunity - you should get one! Although, the price difference is quite big.
  4. I agree completely! One other option is to get the Damier speedy... How do you feel about that? Those are set for release in June-ish....
  5. What I did to my speedy to give it a different look was I attached my cerises cles to the outside, just to give a splash of color.
  6. I think the regular monogram is more versatile. I have a cerises speedy but it only looks good w/certain outfits. I think it looks good w/jeans or khaki bottoms and white shirts. I think the keepall is ok but it is the BIG cherries so its pretty bright and flashy.
  7. The cherries are adorable but the speedy is THE bag that says Vuitton. It's been the staple forever. So I would say anyone crazy for vuitton must have at least one mono speedy. Then add on all you want haha!:biggrin: V
  8. yeah the keepall is more like a duffel bag... i would have to pick monogram - i think its quite a classic look that will be around forever... dont get me wrong, i'm a fan of the cherry but i'd rather not have LOTS and LOTS of them on a keepall!