Cerise on ebay...not sure about it? MIGHT be a good deal?

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  1. Are you sure you meant Cerise? Because everytime I hit the link, it shows a theda up for auction.
  2. I'm sorry! I actually have the cerise speedy 25 but I thought the one I found might be a good deal for somewhere out there!! I must have pasted the theda I have my eye on! I will see if I can find the bag again!
  3. 6853794280[​IMG][​IMG]this is the item number...
  4. you need more pictures than that to determine authenticity...you need interior shots, closeups, etc...my gut is saying fake right now.
  5. Looks fake to me, too. The BIN price is also low for a bag that isn't made anymore. Authentic ones are going for above retail.
  6. No way!!!! The seller is also selling a LV Mono 60 suitcase for BIN $450???

  7. I agree.
  8. You all are so good...sometimes I think it is so hard to figure out if its real or not by photos...I need to touch it, feel it, etc...it really makes me sad to see so many fakes. And some damn good ones at that.
  9. that is totally fake. the closeup is horrendous.