Cerise Coin Bag

  1. Someone on eBay offer me a Cerise Cles and a Cerise round coin bag for US$675 included shipping to New Zealand

    do you think its bargain or a bit dear?
  2. i don't think thats' really a big bargain ...
  3. her buy now price for both bag is US$737
  4. i don't think it's a bargain, either. i'd pass on this, unless you really want it now.

    but then again, as they become more rare, the price will probably go up.
  5. Don't think it's a bargain. You can get the cles and the ronde for $300 each on eBay, just takes a bit of waiting.
  6. That is a bit dear...a good deal would be 450 ish...average 550 -600, at most...JMHO.
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