cerise and panda

  1. do any of you fellow pf'ers have more than two of cerise of the panda? or do you have both. which one do you like better? (pleze post pics if u can!)
  2. Of the panda, I have the Cles and the Pochette and of the Cerise, I have the Speedy, Pochette and both keycases.
    It's SO hard to choose..I love them both. But I LOVE the panda's little backside on the other side of the Pochette..it's too cute! Pics will follow in a couple minutes ;)
  3. Here we go..and the second picture shows the panda's backside :smile:
    ceriseandpanda.JPG pandabackside.JPG
  4. :love: lvbabydoll, i love you speedy... okay, okay, ill confess. i love you panda cles, both orf your pochettes, your porte round (cant remember name) ceriese tihng, and you card/change holder:heart: :heart:
  5. Thanks :smile:
    I really wished I would have gotten ahold of the Panda Vavin too but oh well..maybe someday.