cerf tote - cc logo closure or madamoiselle?

  1. Hi! I'm new to Chanel forum.
    I want to get cert tote in black but can't decide if I want the cc logo closure or madamoiselle lock.
    I went today and saw cc logo closure but didn't get to see the madamoiselle.
    Do you know if they will have the madamoiselle lock for fall 2006?
    I went to Saks and they told me that they won't have the madamoiselle lock for fall 2006. They will only have the cc logo closure. Which one is your favorite?
  2. i like the cc closure.. dont know why..
  3. i though the cerf is a permanent line... therefore they should have the CC interlok and the madamiselle lock too. i went to harrods in london yesterday and saw both locks. i must say i much prefer the madamoiselle lock, it goes with the shape of the bag and looks more classic and elegant than the CC.
  4. I love the interlock CC.

  5. I prefer the CCs and the Mademoiselle bag.
  6. Hi and Welcome: I have (and prefer) the cerf tote with the madamoiselle lock. I like it just because it gives the bag a different look.
  7. I agree with Michele and Kaka. I think the Mademoiselle turnlock closure on the Cerf tote goes well with the style. I also like that it is a rhodium finish. I purposely requested both my mocha and black Cerf totes with the Mademoiselle closure. You can get the CC closure on all the classic flap bags and so this is a nice change.
  8. I saw both at NM yesterday and I prefer the Mademoiselle lock. I agree with Kaka28 and state it does go better with the bag.
  9. I love the ccs on the cerf bags. I have them in beige, black, ivory, and brown, and there is something special about the gold cc on this bag. I think it looks nice with the mademoiselle lock, but the ccs are so classic and understated on this bag.

    Anyway, I don't think you could go wrong with either one.