Cerf Tote available?

Jan 21, 2009
I was always more a flap girl but suddenly and totally i fell in love with black cerf tote!! i want it!:smile: is it hard to get it?????....i bought all of my bags in ny, but i'm from europe and paris is quite close so this is where i'm heading to get my bag.....i know some classics are not available so i am a bit worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oct 14, 2009
Bay Area, CA
I think you should be able to find it no problem. I was in Chanel San Francisco a few days ago, and they had two dark chocolate brown (with GHW and SHW) and a white one. They didn't have the black one in stock, but I'm sure you could locate if you wanted this color.

It's a beautiful bag. I loved all the compartments and pockets.

My understanding is that the price increase doesn't affect the Cerf either. It is $2400 USD.
Jan 10, 2007
Lots of cerf totes every Chanel boutique I've been to this entire week. Black and beige at Saks Palm Desert, some more at Saks BH, also at Chanel boutique in South Coast Plaza and Rodeo Drive.
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