Central heating!

  1. When I'm carrying a "normal" bag I always leave it on the hall table in the foyer when I come home from work. But when I'm using one of my B bags I leave it in my dressing room with the door shut, lest the husband or dog accidentally harm it in one way or another!

    This last week it's been in the low 40s at night. I've been getting up in the middle of the night to turn our central heating off, making the husband want to murder me. I keep wondering, if the central heating makes me wake up with dried out sinuses and skin, what's it doing to my precious, unprotected 2005 B leather?

    Am I just being silly or do any of you worry about this too?
  2. Oh I worry about this sort of thing all the time!
    I worry about the bags getting scratched when I carry them on my shoulder, and in restaurants I keep thinking someone, somewhere might walk past and spill red wine all over my precious...etc etc...
    I totally understand you! :smile:
  3. I wonder too. My skin suffers with all the indoor heating I'msure our bbags must suffer too. Get out the conditioner after the season ends.
  4. I've never conditioned my Balenciaga bags. What product do you recommend? Will it change the color or feel? I know when I've done this with LV in the past it's changed the leather.
  5. Some people on the forum say the conditioner has changed the feel of the leather. Others say the conditioner helps the feel of the leather. Anyway, I'm wondering if a humidifier would help if you didn't want to condition the bag.
  6. I do stuff like that. If I'm in a restaurant with friends and it looks like my bag might be in harm's way at any point, I ask someone sitting on the inside to hang it on the back of their chair. Then the whole table teases me about my bag obsession. They just don't understand.
  7. I've read at least one horror story on this forum about a waiter spilling stuff on a bag and ruining it ... so I think it's reasonable to worry about that. ;)
  8. These bags are more "sealed" than other leathers but they still breath. I say DO condition them. I use apple conditioner and it hasn't changed the color on any of my bags. I DO NOT use it on the handles. In face I barely touch the handles. I do like the apple conditioner and the apple guard spray. For those occasional accidental spills or rainy days. I do think it helps.