CelticLuv's Collection of a CL Addict

  1. [​IMG] Stunning collection Celtic !! :cloud9: & the Display Is great ..
  2. Thank you ALL for your compliments on my shoes and closet!
    It makes me happy to share and I'm thrilled you took the time to peek in my closet!

    Ms.MelissaD, I'm in love with all of them too ;)
    FlipDiver, thank you sweetie!
    Jenay, shoe twins YEAH! :drinks:
    Dessye, thank you babe!! You really have an incredible collection yourself!
    Flip88, my Python NS are one of my faves too, they end up being my go-to shoe.
    Fumi, thank you!
    Miss T, ;)
    Singsongjones, medicbean, thank you, thank you!
    aoqtpi, the SP, Almeria and Ron Ron's are some of the comfiest styles to have.
    Dezy, Bling, mars, much love! Declics are one of my faves too even though they give me toe crunch at times.
    cts, thank you babe :cool: I try to incorporate different colors and styles for a varied collection. I think I'm at the point now that I'm content...for now. :lol:
    hazel, melocoton, michellejy, thank you for your compliments!!
    stilly, the MBB's are at the top of my favorite list too!
    icecreamom :flowers:
    Dessye, don't you just love the Miss Clichy's?! For a simple style shoe they are just incredible and comfortable!!
    Moshi, you can come over anytime!
    Dirty, Sassy, adctd, mary, LVOEnyc, MissPrive, 9distelle, BlondeBarbie, thank you thank you for your sweet remarks.
  3. Chrisy, the Candy pumps I call my "naughty and nice" pair. The naughty is the studded part and the nice is the innocent lace :p

    Sophinette, thank you girl!! I always love how we have such similar tastes in the CL styles. We always love the same thing :ghi5:, it's a good thing we're not the same size :lol:

    Danielle, I am loving the Irish Worm, too cute!
  4. Celtic, you have a very beautiful and diverse collection! Congrats!
  5. Lovely collections sweets! :flowers:
  6. I ♥ !!!!!
  7. thank you Karwood! now if only I could add Batik Lady Peeps like yourself :girlsigh: that would make my collection!
  8. thanks ladies!! :biggrin:
  9. gorgeous collection!!! and we wear the same size :biggrin:
  10. I am in love with your display! Fab collection!
  11. Fabulous collection! Can't wait to se what pair is next!
  12. great collection! now I want some miss clichys!!
  13. Love your collection sweety!! The miss clichys really look like they were meant for you!! I can't pick a fave. I :love: them all!
  14. your collection is beautiful and diverse! love them all!
  15. I love knowing of others that are the same size...it helps so much with sizing as we all know how erratic CL's can be depending on the style!

    thank you ladies!! :blush:

    I'm excited! It should be arriving today or tomorrow and hopefully I can update my thread with them this weekend! :p