Cell Phones?

  1. OK, a previous thread made be bring this up.

    What type of cell phones do you LOVE?

    Right now I have a Razr and it's, well, just okay. I'm having problems with it turning off and not wanting to turn on. Basically the screen will go blank and I can't get it to turn back on for a few minutes. My dh has a Slvr and he loves it. I WANT a Blackberry, Palm Treo, etc etc........but I don't know what! I am on Cingular service - that is the only cell service we have out here in the boondocks! LOL

    So what would your advice be?
  2. Never been a fan of the razr... and now everyone seems to have it.

    I've always used either LG, Samsung, or Sony Ericsson phones. Unfortunately, the US is so behind when it comes to wireless handsets... it sucks.

    Any phone I could ever want may not ever be available in the US. Right now, I'm also looking into getting a new gsm phone. I really like the Sony Ericsson w900i, but it costs around $500-600. I may consider either Sony Ericsson w810i or Samsung E900, which are more affordable for me.
  3. I have the new Blackberry that I love. Hubby and daughter have Razr's that they hate. We have T-Mobile and the reception is horrible.
  4. I got the Verizon palm treo in January and did not like it one bit. It was way too much technology for me and far too clumpy, that thing was heavy. My friend just bought it from me and I have gone back to my old Samsung. I'm in zone for a new phone though and wondering what I want this time too.
  5. I had the pink Razr and got rid of it for the Sidekick 3. UGH I really love the web and e-mail features BUT I have already had to have it replaced because my screen has gone out TWICE!!!
  6. Have piece of junk right now...planning on upgrading to sidekick 3 when my contract is up in november.
  7. I have the Razr right now and I like it much better than my lil old Kyocera. LOL. I started with a $20 phone.
  8. I have a sidekick III
  9. I wanted a pink razr... but after hearing so much negative press...
  10. I have the LG choc and the razr (blinged!) (I have two lines for diff countries). I love them both.
  11. [​IMG]
    I've got the Samsung SGH-d807 slider which is fantastic. I switched carriers as well (BF is in the mobile business) and the reception is much better than before, plus saving $$ with a shared plan! :heart:

    It has a 1.3 megapixel camera. The one downside is the oils from your face do show on the lcd screen but that's true on the razr too.
  12. i had a razr V3i, now i'm using ericsson (dont know what version) but i'm liking the cheaper than before Dolce and Gabbana gold razr. i think it's V3i too so that's good. still pricey though but nicee.... ($595 from bloomingdales)
  13. I have now the samsung E530 the blue one, wich I love, and will get soon the samsung versus, by Versace.
    e500_1.jpg e530.jpg
  14. my Sony Ericsson w600i...it's fun!!
  15. I have a Magenta Razr, and despite other peoples' complaints, I love mine :smile: I've dropped it and it doesn't scratch/break, and I've had no problems with it. The best part? It can fit in my small purses! I'm thinking of getting a Sidekick 3 if I switch service when I move in a week, but I'm afraid it won't fit in my small Coach purse like my Razr.