Cell phone holders in Chanel bags..........

  1. Where are they? Does Chanel put cell phone holders in any of their bags? Or, do they wants us to spend money to buy those cute little cell phone holders on the chain? I probably just answered my own question. :s

    Anyone have a Chanel bag with a cell phone holder?
  2. I have a luxury chain with a cellphone pouch. I think the modern chains have them as well. I'm sure plenty others do too, but those are the only ones I can attest to firsthand.
  3. Both my Modern Chain totes have cell phone holders. My luxury bowler also had a cell phone holder. I have a slim phone, so it fits nicely inside one of the side pockets of my reissues.:yes:
  4. Personalshoppers has one listed on eBay! it's really cute!
  5. Most new lignes have cell phone pockets.

    I know the Vintage Ligne, M/C and my Luxe Flap all have them.
  6. i believe the cotton club bowler has a cell phone pocket detail.
  7. i'm a sucker for cell phone pockets. :love:
  8. ^^me too. :yes:
  9. That's good to know. I just received my new GST today and no cell phone holder.
  10. me too! I like LOTSA pockets in my bags personally! That's why the gaping bags like the M/C and Cabasn aren't great for me personally.