Celine TRAPEZE reference thread

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  1. Here’s the place to post pics of Céline Trapeze bags for future reference. Modeling pics are also welcome.

    This is a picture-only thread. Please, NO CHATTING back and forth or commenting on the bags.

    Include as much of the following information as you know or feel comfortable in sharing: STYLE NAME, SIZE, COLOR, LEATHER TYPE, SEASON/YEAR PURCHASED, PRICE, etc.

    If you are posting a STOCK PHOTO from an online retailer or other website, be sure to attach the photo (not link it) and fully credit the source.
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    Large Trapeze (no shoulder strap) F/W2011 Ebony/Burgundy

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  3. Small Trapeze (with shoulder strap) Spring 2012 (not sure)? Navy/Black with Grey suede wings

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    Small Trapeze in Olive from S/S12 collection


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    She has a zip pocket on the back and brand new to me:

  6. we're bag twin miss moimoi!

    here's the back and inside views

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  7. Attached Files:

  8. SS12 Trapeze, Royal Blue/Black/Camel

  9. Summer 2012 small khaki trapeze :smile:

  10. FW2012 multicolor Jungle trapeze


    Summer 2012 terracotta ( looks very dark in stock photo from Celine )

  11. Small Trapeze (with strap) in black croc stamp from SS12 collection

  12. FW 2012 green tricolor trapeze small
    FW 2012 green tricolor trapeze.jpg
  13. image-2579164523.jpg

    Navy drummed


    Black, vermillion, navy - all drummed leather
  14. Small Trapeze (Prefall royal blue) $2300

  15. Style: Trapeze in Drummed Calfskin
    Color: Black
    Season: Fall 2012