Celine Mini in Burgundy

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  1. Hi Celine experts, I need your help. I'm considering making my first Celine purchase next month and have narrowed it down to the mini luggage in burgundy (for now...so hard to choose!). I prefer the drummed/pebbled leather but haven't come across one in burgundy (in stores and online). Has anyone seen a burgundy mini in drummed leather? And is burgundy even available in stores right now or is it a seasonal/non-classic color? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. have you checked aloha rag boutique in honolulu? they have one but it is been awhile ago, not sure if they still have it.
  3. I don't think that burgundy has ever been made of drummed leather.
  4. I purchased one from a Nordstrom in California. It's smooth leather referred to as Palmeleto leather, which is supposedly a shinier leather.
  5. How perfect! I am looking for the Burgundy mini too but, I'm open to whatever leather...I've found a few listings on eBay recently,however, I want to buy mine new.

    Quick question: I found this BG blog post from last winter and the Burgundy luggage mini was $1750 but now mini's are $2400? Can anyone confirm this?
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  7. I realize for phantoms. There are two types, grainy calfskin and smooth calfskin. Mine is the classic black, which one does it belong to?

    Thanks for the price increase intel btw!