Celine look alikes

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  1. so I've gotten across many Celine look alikes nowadays - you know the trapeze structure. Some of them only took inspiration from the unique structure, others are complete knockoffs of the beautiful bags. So I live in a country where knockoffs and counterfeits are everywhere and celine in on top of the list. I've been saving up to get a phantom one day until my friend laughs at me and telling me all others are smart enough to buy a knockoff at only 40 dollars each and I'm willing to spend like 30000 dollars on one. I couldnt help but rage at this comment and hey eventually it made me think. What if people don't appreciate the beauty of my bag because the thought it's a knock off or worse, a counterfeit? So, what do you guys think? Should I continue with my purchase or invest in other label instead? Thanks!
  2. Sorry typo! I meant 3000 dollars not 30000. Guess I was too angry when typing haha
  3. i dont really care what other people think if it is unreasonable to spend $$$ on a bag. we all have different types of things we love to spend on, some people like buying luxurious cars as i like to collect bags:graucho: i dont buy fake as i respect and appreciate the original design & quality
  4. Love what you buy and buy what you love. I won't be bothered by any comments about lookalikes. If it looks good on you, then it doesn't matter.
  5. Support the beauty and integrity of Celine, and the R&D that went into its design evolution. Purchase and wear your genuine, authentic Celine proudly!
  6. You should buy the Celine because you love it and because you know the great quality of the bag. Don't mind about other people thoughts, it's your bag!
  7. no matter how alike they are, most of the experienced like us can tell at the first sight. You spendings are worth of it. Dont' worry.
  8. My personal belief is, no counterfeit for me, buying or selling. In the end I love the quality of genuine items and personally feel better spending more on quality than on quantity. My lovely aunt who owns all those beautiful Cartier pieces opted to acquire a Birkin look-alike (which looks genuine on her) simply because it was really well made and she wasn't going to spend that much money for a purse. So - to each their own. Don't let your friends influence you. But the fact that you joined this forum means you care about what you are getting, I think?
  9. you should tell them that the people buy fakes because they can't even tell they are using an obvious fake...... if anyone can make themselves look like they are carrying a $3000 with just paying $40, they are complete idiot.

    Extremely good quality counterfeits cost at least hundreds to a thousand, then what's the point buying counterfeits anyways?
  10. You should get the Real Celine if that's what you want. Who cares what ppl think? Just as long as it makes you happy! Plus the quality is incomparable! I think you will be happy with your purchase. I am still dying and trying to save for one even though I don't think it will happen. lol
  11. I would not think twice over purchasing your Celine bag.

    Here are my reasons:
    1. It will make you feel special knowing you have the 'real deal'.
    2. Anyone being the wearer of `'fake designer bags' is not breaking any laws as far as I know. But, one selling 'fake designer bags' that are protected by a trademark or copyright is a federal offense. When one buys counterfeit goods, aren't they also perpetuating the crime by helping to fund this fraudulent activity? Not sure if the buyers of such bags realize that this is really happening as it is 'cool' to own a designer bag.
    3. You can sleep at night!

    Any other thoughts?
  12. I usually don't care when people question if the bags I buy are the real deal. And when I see others who I know are carrying counterfeits, doesn't phase me either. I just know that mine is real and that's all that matters.

    I read up from somewhere ages ago that people who buy counterfeits tend to lie more too.. No idea if there is any truth in this though.
  13. There is definitely no truth to that, as I can attest my aunt does not lie. :smile:

    And I agree with you that I'm sort of the same way, I will not carry fakes but that's my personal policy, and I am not going to enforce that on others (as much as I hate to think they are giving money to the counterfeit industry...)

    Sometimes people are not well-informed and simply don't know the difference or they know but still choose imitation over the real thing because they cannot afford it or don't care to spend the $$$ for it. the fact is people have different values and priorities as to what they choose to spend their money on.
  14. I agree with you KariW!
  15. For me, the idea of carrying fakes was totally eliminated from my realm the moment I went with a friend into NYC for the weekend over 10 years ago. She suggested we go to Chinatown so she could buy a 'fake' designer bag. Once there, we stopped into one shop where she politely went to the front counter and asked a woman (who looked like she ran the place) for her 'special' bags. This was a term her friend said to use to see 'The Fake Merchandise'. The woman shook her head and asked her what brand. Then the woman proceeded to go to her 'vault' behind a steel door to get out her stash of fake goods. Once they were in front of my friend, the woman was constantly looking out her window. My friend was so excited trying on these different styles and asking my opinion. (And, yes..they looked real!).

    All of a sudden the woman screamed something out and grabbed the bags from the table in front of my friend and shoved them back in her 'vault'...and closed the steel door to her vault. (Came down like a crash!)

    Then...in walked a police officer looking around. The woman would NOT take the bags out again for my friend until the officer was long gone. Let me tell you...that was the scariest thing ever! My girlfriend decided on the one she wanted and turned to me and said, 'What is your pick'? I told her that any thoughts that I may have had in buying one, just went out the window.

    I then decided that for me...it would be a no. I'd wait until I could afford the real deal. Everyone can choose for themselves.