Celine Classic Box Bag with Silver Hardware

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  1. I've been looking for a classic box bag with silver hardware for quite a long time but in the past when Celine puts one out it's never a color I want so I'd decided to buy a small box made to order with gold thinking I'd settle....well I was going to place my MTO box order tomorrow and guess what I found out today....they're coming out with box bags with silver hardware for Fall!!! These are the 3 colors my SA sent, the baby blue, pink lizard, and this gray color and they might also get a yellow & nude with silver as well. I thought if any one else has been waiting for a box with silver I'd share the good news!

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  2. That's great news stylevialauren and thanks for sharing. I adore Celine but I just don't buy gold hw, I wanted a cabas so badly I tolerated the gold because it's inside, apart from the embossed logo which is negligible.

    The grey box is totally gorgeous. I wonder if they will bring out belt bags with silver hardware in the future. My SA is in Ireland and she never really knows what's coming, she will just email once it's in.

    Thanks again
  3. The grey one with silver hardware 😍
  4. Thanks for sharing the info.
    The grey is just breathtaking..but the baby blue is also very pretty..
  5. The Grey looks lovely!
  6. thanks for sharing!

  7. So glad you guys like the gray as well! I can't wait to see it in person....hopefully late June or early July!!!!
  8. I like that Python one!! Wow!
  9. Stylevialauren, thanks so much for posting this pic!

    Do you happen to know if the gray box with silver hardware is calfskin Liege?
  10. Sorry I don't....I was so excited to see silver hardware that I didn't ask questions cause I was too busy celebrating, lol :smile:
  11. That grey is
  12. Celine said that news on this collection will be available on 12 May - I contacted them to ask if any of the other iconic styles will also be made with silver hardware.
  13. Oh that pink lizard!! So on trend for this spring/summer