Celine bittersweet bags!

  1. hey guyss,

    I really really would like your opinions on these bags. I'm on the fence when it comes to celine- but bittersweet has really caught my attention.
    p11307577_ph_hero.jpg p11307630_ph_hero.jpg
  2. I love the bittersweet. I tried to get it in gunmetal (a gray color) but it NM cancelled my order when it sold out. Have you seen this post? Celine Bittersweet large in Pearl

    There are pictures of it in pearl, and a couple other colors, I believe.
  3. thanks kore!
    just wondering.. how big is the large?!
  4. out of the two? the bottom. i find they are too plain for me. kind of 'old' looking. but the bottom has a little life to it. the warm colors are nice.
  5. The large is REALLY large! About 18" wide. I have it in the pearl, but Celine is sending out the white for me to try.
  6. i really like the white one. but i think it would make it "appear" too large b/c it's such a light color. if that's a concern, i think you should go w/ the tan color.
  7. OH! I think I just fell in love with another Celine :love: ...I want one in black with silver hardware :tender: :heart: ...
  8. how many colors does it come in?
  9. It's okay. The brown is nicer
  10. ^^ It's such a plain looking bag but when I tried it on in person, I was won over. I tried the large black one in pebbled leather with pale gold hardware.

    What swung me over - it weighs nothing for a big bag. The inside is also very well designed with many pockets (love that in a huge bag). And the leather - so yummy and soft....and also how well it looks on my shoulder. It makes a great work bag and travelling bag too. So I'm thinking of splurging too....ahhhhhh!

    All the colors look great in the different leather combinations. I also tried on the ostrich version....but at about $7,000 a pop, told the SA to keep it away from me....
  11. i like the white better than the brown. great for spring