Celine belt bag already dated?

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  1. Hello all,

    I‘ve been interested in the Celine belt bag for months now and really want to go for it within the next 2 or 3 months.
    I am eyeing the micro size in black, so a true neutral.

    my only sorrow is that it is already dated since it has been around for some years and probably Hedi Slimane will eliminate it from the collection rather sooner than later.

    I know you gotta love the bag no matter what etc. and it is true but i have to admit i‘m afraid of spending so much money on a bag that may be already dated.

    what is your opinion? Buy the belt bag or wait for Hedi Slimane to release smth i actually like (i really want a Celine)?
    Thanks a lot!!!!
  2. I don't think its dated at all, I think its a stylish, classic shape. And if in a neutral colour then you can't go wrong in my opinion. I have the Micro belt in navy and was lucky enough to get it with silver hardware too. A friend of mine who isn't at all into bags, let alone designer ones commented that it was an extremely smart and stylish bag. I love it and will continue to carry it even if Hedi does discontinue it. However only you can decide how you really feel.
    Here are some pics to help you decide!
  3. The belt bag was a "dream bag" of mine, if not THE dream bag. And the only size that I was interested in was the largest one without the shoulder strap. I was saving up for it when it suddenly got discontinued, I could not buy it right away so I had to have "ice in my stomach" (as we say in Sweden, haha) and once I was financially ready to make the splurge I searched high and low for it and finally found, maybe the last one(?), in a Celine store in another country from where I had it shipped to me. I knew going into it that the bag was already discontinued, and I suspected that the smaller versions would get discontinued quite soon too, with Slimane at the helm, leading to the design ending up not being a "hot cake" in any form or size. But I actually felt surprisingly satisfied knowing that it, since it (my size) had been discontinued, from now on will be a quite special piece that not everybody will carry around. :smile:

    What I am trying to say is, buy the bag if it feels like "you", and you think that you would love and use it even if it got discontinued. Don't if you suspect that you only love it because it is "semi-in" and a Celine design. I mean, it's totally fine to buy trendy pieces that you know you will only love and use here and now, but if that is who you are then I would suggest that you wait for something new to be released that you will "be able" to love for a longer amount of time.
  4. Buy the Belt Bag! I have the Mini in Navy and love it. The Belt is Celine’s second best selling bag after the Luggage so it should be around for a little bit despite Hedi at the helm. They are continuing to release new colors in the Nano and Micro sizes but not the Mini. I would purchase it because it’s a beautiful bag, note they did just have a $100 price increase on the Micro ($50 on the Nano and Mini).
  5. I think it’s more of a classic now rather than a trendy bag so even if it did get discontinued, it kind of just makes it more special!! ❤️
    I have the Micro in light beige and would buy another in Khaki if I could :smile:
  6. Not dated and won’t be in terms of shape. Many classic bags have this shape with similar flap. Look at how that LV multi Pochette is trending. This is not that kind of bag in terms of a look that will date. It’s not an “it” bag per se. I just picked up a micro in light taupe and now I want a nano in another color.
  7. I was just coming here to see if anyone could relate to my sad “I wish I liked some of the new Celine designs” feelings, haha. I don’t think the belt is dated at all or will be any time soon. It’s such a beautiful shape and looks good worn casually or more dressed up. I have the micro size in cloud and love it so much! I say go for it!
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  8. I actually took the plunge into Celine when I heard Phoebe was leaving, never felt grown up enough to use her designs but had a moment of panic and bought both a Luggage and a Belt bag within 3 months.

    I say get it, they're beautifully constructed and super functional and they weren't as popular as the Luggage was so they also won't have as severe a decline into the "dated category" as the Luggage bags.
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  9. Is there any way to see how the current designs sell? Both the remaining ones from Phoebe's collections and the newer ones by Slimane. I am just curious about how it goes for Slimane. At least here in TPF Phoebe's designs seems to still be the ones that most talk about and buy.
  10. That would definitely be interesting! All I know is what I heard from an SA... Luggage is still their best selling despite Hedi at the helm, then Belt Bag then Classic. But supposedly the 16 is doing well too?
  11. Still love the belt bag for sure! I'm tempted to get the mini in light khaki, not that I need another belt bag!
  12. I think it is very classic. It is still being produced by Celine in new colours and materials so I think it has become apart of the permanent collection. Only buy it if you absolutely love it.
  13. Thank you so much for your answers! I will buy the belt bag :smile:)
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