celebs i wouldn't wanna see carry an RM bag

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  1. there are celebs out there...or celebs wannabes (like i dunno, miss lauren conrad) who may or may not have carried an RM bag around, but as i was laying in bed last night, i pondered to myself "hmm..who would i NOT want to see carrying this brand around" lol so i made myself a list

    ***britney spears was one. but *sighs* she's carrying that grey matinee bag so she's off the list***

    so here it is (ppl i haven't seen w/ an RM bag):

    1. Amy Whinehouse (we had a short discussion about her on another thread lol. someone posted saying there was a pic of her carrying a marc jacobs bag w/ some blood on it...uhhh, ewww!)
    2. Kate Moss (lord only knows wut she'll put on the bag..and sniffing it off the bag)
    3. Heidi Montag (don't ask why she's on the list but i can't stand her)
    4. Paris Hilton

    anyone else that should be on the list ladiess??
  2. ^^i wouldn't want to see Jamie Lynn carrying one either, bc she is big on carry fake bags and RM shouldn't be classified in that category!
  3. What about celebs you'd love to see with an RM bag who haven't been spotted yet?
  4. Heidi Klum! I would love to see her with an RM and Vicky Beckham!
  5. I can think of 3 celebs that I've always loved, that I'd like to see carrying an RM bag - Jennifer Garner, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Kristen Bell. Ok, now that I've done the positive - here's the negative - ladies that I wouldn't want to see carrying RM - Paris Hilton, any of the girls from The Hills(even though it's too late for LC), and as mentioned above Amy Winehouse(she just creeps me out).
  6. ^^^I'm really glad I saw Lauren Conrad carrying her Wine Nikki because thats what made me fall in love with it!!
  7. Heidi Klum should definitely snag an RM for herself, or RM should send her one!
  8. I wouldn't want to see Paris with one because she makes everything tacky. I would love to see Madonna with one though I'm not sure it's her style.

    :tup:Maybe Britney's appearance with a Matinee is a sign of her return to sanity?
  9. Let's hope so! I could see Angeline with one in a darker color... and eva longoria too. and, katherine heigl
  10. I would love to see Jennifer Aniston with the bag. Not a fan of LC-but she really made me fall in love with the Nikki ultimatley!
  11. I have to say, seeing cute celebs (or anyone with style, for that matter) with an RM bag is great!
  12. I second that! There a ton of other celebs that I love to see carrying a RM bag. I would love to see Alexis Bledel carrying another RM bag because I absolutely love her.

    I really don't like most of the celebs that already do carry them, so I have a lot of negatives. That's just me so I kind of ignore them.
  13. I would love to see my style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing one! she would wear it soo well. also I'd like to see the Olsen's wearing them. Say what you will about them, I think they have great handbag taste(also I love them). and nicole richie also!!! actually i'd love to see just about everyone in hollywood with an RM bag!!

    Amy Winehouse is the only woman I can think of who shouldn't have an RM!
  14. I think Nicole Richie was mentioned in early RM press about liking her bags... I have yet see pics of her with one though. hmmmmm
  15. I like seeing pictures of others carrying Rebecca Minkoff bags. I do not like seeing celebrities carrying her bags. It's probably just me, but it's how I feel.