Celebs and their Gerard Darel Bags

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  1. Since his bags are getting quite popular lately, I thought a thread about him would be nice. So far we have Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba spotted with his bags I think, right?

    I'm adding Halle Berry to the list - that's such an adorable bag imo, so cute especially for summer.


    Feel free to post more pics of other celebs! :yes:
  2. [​IMG]


  3. Oh I had no idea Eva was a GD fan too! Thanks so much for posting them :smile: Do you happen to know the names of these bags too?
  4. [​IMG]

  5. In the first picture, Eva wears the 24h in silver python and in the last one, the Gerard Darel Fringe.
    Halle Berry wears the snake 24h
  6. - celebs with their Gerard Darel Midday Midnight
    - Eva Longoria with a 24h snake
    - Jessica Alba with a Havana 36h
    Gerad+Darel.jpg longoriagerarddarel_1.jpg Jessica+Alba+and+the+Gerard+Darel+Studded+Havana+36-Hour+Bag.jpg
  7. I love the snake 24h! iT'S GORGEOUS!
  8. Does anyone know where you can get these bags? I dont really trust some of the websites i've been looking through..
  9. I love all the different colors...

  10. I love the one Angelina is carrying ... the larger cloth one.
  11. On their website it looks like they do not carry them in the U.S.

    (figures :sad: )
  12. [​IMG]
    I looove this one...it's so pretty :smile:
  13. More Darel bags


  14. Angelina Jolie wearing Gerard Darel dress and with a GD bag

    Eva Longoria once again
    00.jpg 01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg
  15. Lindsay Lohan
    00.jpg 01.jpg 03.jpg