Celebrity Ray Ban sunglass i.d. thread

  1. Thanks! I don't have a tiny face like Olivia Palermo, but I don't have a large face either. I'd say it's probably average. I have a tiny nose too. I do have some fairly decent cheekbones! I think my face shape is in between an oval and heart shape. I don't have someone famous off the top of my head for reference. Everyone looks so nice in their Ray Bans! I've had aviators for years and love them, but I'm finally ready for Wayfarers. These will be my first pair!

    Can 4147 be adjusted in a store so they stay on better? Would that make a difference? If not, I may have to start with either the Cats or 2140.

  2. I think the cats would be a good bet (they stay stuck to my face even with a teeny nose) but also have you considered the folding wayfaers (4105). They're my *favorite*. The don't slant as much on your face and stay on better for me. I have both the 50mm and 54mm size and love them.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I had originally passed them up simply because they were folding. I was worried that it might be super delicate and knowing me, I might just break them! But now that you suggested them, I'm going to try them on! They do look fabulous on all the people who wears them!

  4. Thank you soooo much!! I ended up with the folding wayfarers in 54mm! LOVE!!! Great recommendation!

  5. Oh great! Which color did you get?

    I wear those the most (and I have a ton.....)
  6. Actually they could since the folding ones also come in 54mm. However the slight slant makes me think they're the regular ones - just the over sized version. No way are they the traditional 50mm ones - those are much smaller then the ones she's wearing.

  7. Havana! LOVE!!!

    I may need to get a 2nd pair polarized! :smile:
  8. can someone id these please?

  9. Can someone help my id these Ray Ban + the sizes? Both the ones that Rachel is wearing and the ones that Olivia is wearing.


    And.. If you could recommend me which Ray Ban I should choose? I was thinking of either 4105 or 4141, but I'm not really sure.. Want to id those before i choose (if they are even any of them) here's a picture of me (I'm the one in the middle), with the only sunglasses I have ever owned.. do you have any idea which Ray Ban and size would fit me best?

    Hope you can help! Thanks :smile:
  10. Looks like the boyfriend wayfarer, 4147 to me. I love these too.

  11. Rachel is wearing the small folding wayfarer, 50mm ones.

  12. thanks so much!
  13. Hey ladies!

    Can anyone help me with these pair of polarized aviators? I assume the style is the classic 3025, but do you guys happen to know what color?
    RB3025 - 001/M4 (arista and green) or RB3025 - 001/58 (arista and natural green)

    or perhaps these aren't sold anymore. Any help would be appreciated! And if they aren't sold anymore, any idea which would be most similar? I like the dark tint and color. Thanks in advance!

  14. Just a remidner that this isn't a chat thread. Please ONLY ask about Ray Bans on CELEBRITIES :tender:
  15. Wow.. my apologies.. I just thought that although my post wasn't on a celebrity, sunglasses are still sunglasses - regardless of who they're on. Since everyone had been so helpful on here and seemed to know what they were talking about I didn't think anyone would mind. Apparently I was wrong. Sorry again. Feel free to ignore my post about the Ray Ban aviators then.