Celebrity Paranormal

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  1. I am surrpised no1 has brought up this show on this thread!

    I catch this show EVERY sunday...lol

    Does any1 else? :smile:
  2. I DO! I love celebrity paranormal project. I watch it EVERY Sunday. haha. The preview for next week looked really creepy...especially when Debra Wilson was "possessed" that show scares the crap out of me!
  3. MTV used to have a show just like this one but w/o celebrities and it was so much more interesting to me.
  4. yeah i watch it also! i actually like it both the mtv one with non celebrities and the vh1 show. can't wait to see the lost pilot episode where that comedian chick gets possessed or something.
  5. No - when is it on and what's it's about? Sounds interesting:smile:
  6. These D List celebrities are sent to an abandoned and haunted asylum, mill, prison to see if its haunted. they're sent on missions to particular sections of the place and check for paranormal activity. its pretty cool!

    some of the celebrities have been nicole eggert, eric nies, ernie hudson, evander holyfield, rachel hudson, etc.