celebrity birthday/christmas list

  1. I just thought if a game: what presents would you love to buy a particular celebrity for christmas or their birthday. Like something they really, really need. Or something that has probably never occured to them. Let's keep it nice!

    I'll bite:

    Victoria Beckham: Some bras and maybe some flat shoes.

    Nicole Richie: some Pizza Hut vouchers

    Paris Hilton: a two week retreat to an abbey, living under temporary vows of chasitity and poverty
  2. Paris = a bible
  3. Johnny Depp=me in a nice red bow....;)
  4. Simon Cowell, a wedding ring :yahoo:
  5. Prada, you are an eternal optimist :yahoo:
  6. Li'l Kim - double sided tape that actually worked.
  7. Mary-Kate= salon appointment w/ a sane person
  8. Oksana Baiul - a good stylist
  9. funny thread.
  10. Mary Kate and Ashley-clothes that aren't so big and a hair straightener. I love their hair when it's straightened.
    Other than that, they can also use a reason to smile...I'm tired of that pouty look when they have such pretty smiles they're not showing anymore.
  11. Britney Spears - A mentor
  12. victoria beckham : a "back to the past" machine when she decided to enlarge her breasts

    david beckham : the day when he said "i do" to VB so he can pursue his football career better.

    pamela anderson and mariah carey : a cage
  13. a cage each or lock them up together? :graucho: