Celebrity Anecdotes

  1. I got these from anecdotage.com, and I wanted to share them with everyone:

    The consummate movie star, Joan Crawford insisted on riding in her limousine to photo sessions on the MGM lot (accompanied by a French maid and a uniformed chauffeur). When her driver failed to show up one day, she cancelled the shoot - even though the portrait studio was just a few yards from her dressing room.

    "It's in my contract," Crawford explained, "that I have a limousine."

    Early in her career, Jayne Mansfield, vying for her first televised acting role, scribbled a note and had it delivered to the show's producer. She got the part.
    The note? It comprised of three simple numbers: Mansfield's measurements.

    On the set of Illegal, Mansfield's studio chair simply read: "40-21-35."
    One evening in 1964, "Tonight Show" host Dick Cavett introduced his large-chested guest with the following words: "And here they are! Jayne Mansfield!"

    On June 26, 1952, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell were invited by Grauman's Chinese Theatre to place their hand- and footprints in the theatre's famed cement forecourt. Grauman's was not amused, however, when Monroe suggested that their finest assets be imprinted for posterity. The assets? Russell's breasts and Marilyn's bottom!

    Sadly they were persuaded to leave less titillating marks. Marilyn did, however, dot the "i" in her name with a gleaming rhinestone.

    In 2003, Mariah Carey announced plans to publish a poetry book for children. Among the gems included in Carey's proposal was the following masterpiece, entitled "The Unicorn":
    "I love my unicorn, he knows I am true,
    My troubles go poof, my unicorn named Boo
    My lambs are all here, all smiling and gay,
    Boo and I dance, we sing and we play..."

    ["I think it would take a lot more than a unicorn to make her troubles go 'poof,'" one blogger wrote. "How old is she anyway? As people start to approach middle age, they try to act like they're 20. Not 6. What a creepy poem. Please excuse me while I go vomit."]

    [Trivia: Among the pseudonyms which Carey often checked into hotels? "Princess Cupcake."]
  2. "According to the 'Hollywood Reporter,' Paris Hilton has legally trademarked the phrase, 'that's hot,'" Conan O'Brien announced in later September 2004. "In a related story, Paris Hilton's doctors have trademarked the phrase, 'that's contagious.'"

    Jessica Simpson had a bizarre childhood hobby: collecting pictures of missing persons which came in the mail. "I hid them under my pillow," she once recalled, "and one day my mom found about 60 and was, like, 'What's this?' I wanted to help them..."

    "The secret of staying young," Lucille Ball once declared, "is to live honestly, eat slowly - and lie about your age."

  3. While travelling from Reno, Nevada to New York City in July 2004, Nicole Richie had a minor run-in with airport security. "I said: 'I'm pierced,' and that usually is the end of it," Richie recalled. "And she said, 'Well, what are you gonna do about it?'

    "I said, 'Well, you can either scan it or... I don't know what to tell you.' She said, 'Well, visually, I can't say that that is okay. Even if I look at it I can't say it's okay. I'm not even allowed to touch it.
    "I'm like, 'What if I say you can touch it? It should be fine.' She's like, 'No, I'm not allowed to do that.'
    "So they brought in two female officers and took me not to necessarily the most private place in the airport and made me take off my top. Thank God I'm not a shy person, but what if I was shy? "You know what, you guys are letting lighters on the plane and stuff like that, but I can't have a nipple ring? What am I gonna do - poke someone in the eye with it?"

    One day Frank Sinatra walked into his office at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas and started screaming and swearing, ripped the telephone out of the wall, broke some windows and set the office on fire.
    The cause of his annoyance? The color of the telephone clashed with the new orange sweater which he was wearing.

    In May 2004, Antonio Banderas joined Justin Timberlake and his girlfriend Cameron Diaz at the Cannes premiere of Shrek 2. "I was crying at the end," Banderas (the voice of Puss-in-Boots in the film) later confessed. "It was funny because there's is a very romantic moment at the end of the movie. My character says, 'I want to cry,' and I was crying. Cameron and Justin were next to me, and he said, 'I'm crying too.' So we held hands for a while. Cameron was just looking at us, thinking, 'What are they doing?'..."

  4. Mariah Carey needs therapy.

  5. In March 2002, Cameron Diaz explained that she had stopped snacking on bacon after learning that pigs have the same mental capacity as a 3-year-old. Explained Diaz: "I thought, 'Oh my God, it's like eating my niece!'"

    Cameron Diaz was once asked about working with Bernie Mac on the set of Charlie's Angels. "Bernie is such a nice man, and he's so funny, and he makes anything work," she replied. "He'd sing the most ridiculous songs on set, songs he just made up. He'd just be [humming a smooth R&B tune]. And we're like, 'What are you singing?' But it would be so catchy, we'd find ourselves humming it all day. Then he'd finally sing it for us: "Pu-u-u-u-t it in the crack of yo' a-a-a-a-a-ss.' And we'd be like, 'Genius!' We'd all be singing it, harmonizing 'Put it in the crack of your ass.'"


    Leonardo DiCaprio was christened in honor of Leonardo DaVinci - after his pregnant mother experienced a sudden kick while admiring a DaVinci painting at the Uffizi gallery in Florence. Leo was later advised by his agent to change his name to something more American. For example? Lenny Williams.

    "I was doing a scene [on Gangs of New York] with Cameron Diaz and she repeatedly had to slap me in the face over and over and over again," Leonardo Dicaprio later recalled. "And [director Martin Scorsese] said, 'When Bob Deniro and I used to do a scene like this, Bob would take real slaps in the face - real slaps.' I said, 'Anything you and Bob used to do I totally respect that. I am absolutely game.'
    "So 35 or 40 takes later I was passed out on the floor. The side of my head was like a canteloupe. I literally couldn't see straight. I looked up at Marty: 'Did we get it, Sir? Did we get it?' He said, 'That was perfect, kid, that was perfect. Now we just have six more angles on this shot...'"

  6. "I was going on a first date," Topher Grace once recalled, "and I said to Dennis [In Good Company co-star Dennis Quaid], 'Where should I take this girl?' And he said, 'Come and see my band perform.' And I thought, 'Oh my god. Perfect!' He's in this band called the Sharks. This way I can bring this girl to this concert and be like, 'Hey, that's my buddy DQ up on stage. What's up, DQ?'

    "It was the worst decision I've ever made in my life. He's like the sexiest man alive. And not only was he jamming out on guitar and singing, but because he played Jerry Lee Lewis, he's got his shoes off and he's playing the piano with his feet... "For the whole car ride home it was like, 'He's so sexy for his age, and so versatile...'"

    Seann William Scott was once asked how he had mustered the courage to make out with Ashton Kutcher in Dude, Where's My Car?.
    "At that point I'd already had fingers shoved up my ass in Road Trip and had drunk a beer filled with semen in American Pie," Scott recalled, "so I figured, 'Let's just do this.' After we did the scene, we're sitting in the car and it was all quiet, so I said to Ashton, 'Can you put the radio on?' This song comes on, and it's [White Town's] 'I Could Never Be Your Woman.' I was, like, 'Turn it off, dude! Turn it off!'"

    "I would be a lot happier sometimes if people cared a little bit more about other people and their privacy," Ashton Kutcher once remarked. "But I was on a vacation once, and there was somebody there who took all these pictures, and my vacation photos got shared with the world. But I didn't have a camera, and I wasn't taking pictures of my vacation. So all of a sudden, I go, 'Well, there's me surfing. F---, that's cool. First time I ever surfed!'"

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  8. Intense germophobia was far from Howard Hughes's only eccentricity. His daily routine also included obsessing over nuclear testing in Nevada and handwriting notes to various executives. Among the subjects of his most extensive memos? "How to write a memo."

    "One of Howard Hughes' short-lived attachments was to Baskin and Robbins banana-and-nut flavored ice cream. For some months he ate a scoopful with every meal. When it was noticed that stocks were running low, a domestic was sent out for more. He returned empty-handed, reporting that the line had been discontinued. In a state of shock, the staff contacted Baskin and Robbins and begged them to make up a special batch. Although the minimum order was three hundred and fifty gallons the purchase was authorised and the crisis averted. The very day the consignment arrived, Hughes announced that he no longer liked banana-and-nut flavored ice cream, and would try a scoop of French vanilla instead. His aides spent the next twelve months asking everyone they knew whether they liked banana-and-nut flavored ice cream. Those who said they did were presented with a two-galllion drum."

    At the tender age of six, Shirley Temple stopped believing in Santa Claus. Why? "Mother took me to see him in a department store," she later explained. "He asked for my autograph, and said he saw all my movies."

    "The little people who played Muchkins in The Wizard of Oz were tough, worldly-wise, hard-living people. But Judy, even at age 16, was a sophisticated show-biz veteran. One day on the set, one of the little men who played a Munchkin approached Judy. Boldly he stated, 'Judy, someday I'm going to **** you.' Without missing a beat, Judy shook her finger at him and said, 'If you do and I catch you...'"