Celebrities and their fur coats

  1. LMAO!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  2. Not so keen on the shape of the coat on the right,but I do love chinchilla,its so soft and the gray tones are lovely!

    Hmmm,pic won't show.....
  3. [​IMG]

    This pic..
  4. This has always been my favorite one out of all that she owns. I must say that the O twins have me feening on getting a cropped fur jacket again.
  5. Goldie Hawn (haha)
  6. Dvf

  7. LMFAO @ the comparison
  8. The one that J-Lo wore I have seen Kim Catrall wearing too - very chic and mink is very durable and warm.

    Here is Kim Catrall wearing a similar (but not the same)


    Demi Moore in a gorgous silverfox fur on red carpet - I really like the way she pairs the fur with such a nice outfit.


    Maggie Ching in what weould be my favourate shrug


    Finally Linda Evangelista is a gorgeous fur whihc I think Maggie pulls off better.


    (from theswellelife.com)


    (from contactmusic.com)


    (all other pics from getty)
  9. ^^ you need to save the pics first, then add them as attachments...
  10. Ooops here are the pics credited as above
    Kim Catrall 51738804.jpg Demi Moore 80035663.jpg Maggie Ching 74097228.jpg Linda Evangeklista 80515701.jpg maggie_gyllenhaal_5208756.jpg
  11. I love the pic of Ashley Olson on the first page, the mag pic
    Kate Bos also looks great
  12. I love maggie's vest!!
  13. Eva_Herzigova_-_Hollywood_Dominos_VIP_launch_in_London_-_Nov_7_2_.jpg
  14. Here is the Eva pic (Getty Images)
  15. Victoria Beckham wearing a chubby (fox) fur with leather leggings which I think works really well for her.



    Anyone got any more pics??[/QUOTE]

    Victoria B does not wear real fur, she gets the best designers to make her fantastic fakes.