Celebrities and their fur coats

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  1. #1 Aug 16, 2009
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2009
    Brandi with a gorgeous fur here (can't find a pic of her actually wearing it though), looks perhaps knee length?



    Eva Longoria matching sable with purple, I really love her look here. She looks youthful as always.



    Victoria Beckham wearing a chubby (fox) fur with leather leggings which I think works really well for her.



    Lindsay Lohan in that mink she 'stole' (remember that story??) -



    I think that Eva pulls fur off so well, as does Lindsay Lohan to be fair. There has been a huge move towards matching furs with jeans in recent years but I still like the look then teamed with something more glamourous.

    Anyone got any more pics??
  2. sorry - can't get some of my pics to show, not sure why.
  3. when i was younger i always wanted a luxurious mink coat or a chinchilla stole for when i got older, but now i don't think i can do it anymore. i'll admire the look from afar, but that's about it.
  4. ^ same here. I couldn't do it either. I live in Maryland where the winters are as mild as they can get. If I lived in Boston (actually no because i would get attacked) or even Russia I would.

    but the celebs look nice with their furs. although I dont understand why Brandy is wearing a sleeveless dress, and open toe sandals but rocking a fur. Did she wear it for the look or to keep warm? Also, why would anyone who lives in Southern California need a fur?
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  5. I think it is not a question of "need" but a question of "desires". Do we "need" a $1,000 handbag, etc, etc.

    The thread was really about the styles that celebs choose when wearing their furs rather than whether people themselves believe in them or not, etc.

    I suppose celebs travel an awful lot in which case they need / want wardrobes for every climate.

    Anyway, I have just found another I really like worn by J Lo. I believe this is mink and I like they way she wears it with similar colors. Single tone / colors work better than anything when pulled off properly IMO.



    or, along similar lines but in a (very) cropped mink



    ps - do hope the pics work!
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  6. pretty sure this is not going to turn out well

  7. I agree.
  8. This is a FASHION forum and posts ought therefore to be FASHION related. Simple as in my opinion.

    If people want to post on topic then they should do so. If not, no problem. That is their choice surely.

    Could I (respectfully but firmly) suggest going back on topic.
  9. Jennifer Lopez wears some of the most gorgeous furs, most of which are by J Mendel. It seems as though she doesn't wear them very often anymore. I like fur, but don't own many pieces, where I live the winters don't get THAT bad to constantly wear one.
  10. This should turn out fine.
    People who can't seem to keep the drama out of these threads could find themselves removed. This needs to stay ON TOPIC, this will not turn into an anti-fur thread, you guys know you can go find a number of other threads to do that it, this will stay on topic.
  11. Victoria looks amazing! ah - such an inspiration!
  12. I have always loved J Mendel creations. Jennifer Lopez has one of the best fur collections.
  13. I like Brandi's fur the best.
  14. Most of these photos are courtesy of the lovely ladies of the Fendi Section of the TPF.

    Ashley Olsen

    Fergie and Eva Mendez (not sure if their real, but it doesn't matter right?

    Sharon Stone

    High Society folks

    Ziyi Zhang and Kate Bothsworth
    fur7.jpg fur6.jpg fur5.jpg fur2.jpg fur.jpg
  15. Couple more...

    Sharon Stone

    Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
    fur3.jpg fur4.jpg