CC Medallion on baby cabas...

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  1. ...,is it sometimes placed on the left, sometimes on the right? I always thought it is supposed to hang on the left looking at my bronze cabas & all the others I have seen. But I just noticed a couple on eBay where the medallion hangs on the right hand side... for example this one from personalshoppers here. I'm not doubting the authenticity of this bag course, but can't help wondering if it is normal or could this be a repaired bag maybe? Any thoughts?
  2. I think its hard to tell, it depends on which way round you hold the bag KWIM! The one from personal shoppers is exactly like my black baby cabas so I don't think the medallion is an issue for authenticity here.
  3. mine is in the right hand side. it's the same exact spot like my original coco cabas if u wear them when the compartment with the zipper inside is close to ur body, if u know what i mean :p
  4. LOL I think I didn't explain clearly what I meant by left & right :p If you look at the pics below you'll know what I mean. Mine is like the one on the left. I don't think how the bag is held is relevant... unless if you're looking at a pic that was taken in front of a mirror. It's either on the left or on the right side when you face the bag. Again I'm not questioning authenticity issues at all, was just intrigued to know if it's normal that's all.
    cocokhaki.jpg 1123.jpg
  5. ok my black baby cabas medallion is on the left, just like the brown baby in the pic.
  6. [​IMG]

    I am in no way questioning the authenticity of this bag either because it looks 300% real to me, but I always thought the C on the right was always supposed to overlap the C on the left at the top.

    I've seen several Cabas that look perfectly authentic on eBay like this so I was also wondering why there is a difference.
  7. if you flip that medallion over woudnt the right C overlap the left? i dont know if that is as straight as the chain gets or not.
  8. When I flip my medallion, the right C overlaps the left C at the top no matter which side is flipped facing out...

    Weird. I'd like to know the answer to this problem. Chanel experts?
  9. I think she means on the RIGHT SIDE of the bag, not the CC's overlapping, but the actual medallion being on the right side instead of the left when facing out.

    Good question... I have no idea, but I am curious if anyone else knows.
  10. ^I know. Sorry. Was kinda throwing in my own question there too cause I noticed both those things about the Cabas. I wonder if it has to do with color? I don't see why Chanel would do that though.
  11. I was wondering this as well! Why is the left C sometimes overlapping the right C in the medallion on Coco Cabas bags? And other times the right C is overlapping the left C?
    - please help...
  12. Oh I want to know this too...when I get home I'm going to check mine....
  13. EMMY: please report back when you've checked your bag.. I'm very curious...;)
  14. OK just checked medallion is on the left side of the bag as in the pic of the bronze one above....the overlapping CC changes when I flip the medallion...on one side the right C is overlapping..theother side it underlaps (if that's even a word haha).....