Caught Red-handed

  1. Thought you guys might get a kick out of these pics. When I got out of the shower I walked in and caught my daughers peeking inside my Kelly. They are really good with my bags but it did stop my heart a little bit. :lol:
    girls2.jpg girls3.jpg hannah1.jpg
  2. That's adorable! Your girls are beautiful!
  3. So cute!!!! :lol:
  4. Your daughters are precious. What cute pictures.
  5. Adorable!!!
  6. Very cute! At least they didn't get creative and try to improve on the design a lil' bit. :wtf::roflmfao:
  7. Yep, cute and caught red-handed!!!
  8. OMG, they are adorable, Japster! I LOVE pics like this of the kids....priceless.

    Caught with the hand in the cookie-jar!!!!
  9. haha they are too cute Japster (and so beautiful!)! What size is this cookie jar? it looks pretty big w/ the two little girls...
  10. Oh beautiful your daughters are!! I don't blame them for looking at your gorgeous Kelly!!
  11. Your daughters are too sweet...And by the looks of it, two future Fashionistas!!!:tender:
  12. WOW Your daughters are beautiful!!!!!!
  13. How cute! They have great taste in bags, it's good to start them off early!
  14. They look like little models taking pictures w/ the bag for a magazine, so very precious.
  15. very cute. they are so adorable.

    i know the same fate will happen to my handbags, shoes & jewelery if i ever have kids one day...:rolleyes: