Catcat's mystery baby: PART1

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  1. So it is finally time to reveal my "mystery baby"...this is only the first part...the second will take a couple more days I fear. For all of you who have placed phoneorders with major departmentstores in France ...:sweatdrop: you can probabely relate. But 20 phoncalls later here she is:


  2. :popcorn:
  3. Ooooooh! No fair! Hurry, hurry.........:woohoo:
  4. :nuts: Hurry hurry is right!!!! I need something to jumpstart my Monday!!! :nuts:
  5. Ack...hurry hurry I wanna see LOL
  6. :wlae: c'mon... c'mon catcat!
  7. awww u can't do this to us catcat;)
    cant wait:heart:
  8. so cruel

  9. OK, ok nothing big just sweet and stylish :yes:.....
    Say "HI" to my first SGH baby...:

    No fear colors are same on both sides just a bid of sunlight came thru the window when I took the back pic.


    DSCN4896.jpg DSCN4897.jpg DSCN4898.jpg
  10. She's gooooorgeous!!! Congrats *huggles*
  11. Ooohhhh i just love the coin purse!! :love::love: stunning

  12. Sweeeeeet!!! Nice pop of color (baby steps, right?) ;) Congrats!!!
  13. Oooooo delicious :yahoo:congrats.
  14. Oh it's so nice catcat, I wonder if you got a SGH violet something to go with it...

  15. You just need to wait and see :p.Honestly I hope part two will work out since this whole phoneorder thing this time was a nightmare...My SA was perfect but the whole admin...:tdown:, loosing faxes, not transmitting messages, hanging up on you etc...:sweatdrop:.

    debsmith yes "baby steps"

    Thanks for welcoming cutie: