Catalano Campana?

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  1. is this still made or is it a discontinued style? Does anyone know the price? I'd love it in a bright color in the large size! I'm guessing it's deerskin?
    The photo in the Celeb thread of Reese's looks great - it looks like a real workhorse bag.
    Thanks for any information!
  2. ^^ Just looked at that bag and it is gorgeous!!! Good luck on your search!
  3. Reese has the medium size. I have the same bag in ebano but sadly haven't got around to using her yet but the leather is TDF. I believe the style has been discontinued now!
  4. I think some are still floating around, just saw an Ebano one in Munich the other day. You might want to call a BV store and have them check the availability, allisonanna!

    BTW: Catalano is calf, but almost as smosshy as their deerskin!
  5. ^^thanks -- I saw one in orange a couple of months ago, that photo got me thinking about it again. I guess a medium would be nice too - I just saw one in white but I don't trust myself with such a light color.
  6. If I understood my SA correctly, the catalano campana is available in several colors this fall. I'm assuming in the medium size because she commented that BV has been made aware of the number of women who would like to see colors in the large sizes as well.
  7. That is a beautiful bag please let me know if you find one. I would be interested in the medium also.
  8. I can imagine the bag in orange must be beautiful and so summery! :nuts:
    Good luck with your bag hunting!
  9. I've seen the orange one as well as the bright purple (parma?) one, and they are so cheerful!! I also saw the ebano (or is it moro?) one the other day at the NYC and it is totally delish!! Definitely in my wish list indeed.:yes:
  10. Mid- so they are still in-stores? NYC?
    I wonder if they will continue to produce this variation on the Campana? - a store in Vail said they would probably get more in the Fall, but I don't know whether she really knew that or was just remembering last year.
    I'm starting to get into that shortage (hoarding) mentality - always dangerous when I think I need to hurry to buy something.
  11. I called the Woodbury Outlet, they only have the medium in purple for $900+
    it might have to be evilbay for me if I'm going to find that orange!
  12. The orange one was probably seasonal and I don't know from what year, but yes, the dark brown one was sitting on the shelf all pretty the other day at NYC. I didn't ask about it as I was too busy checking all the fall colours, but I'm going there this Sunday so I can ask about it.:yes:
  13. Did you check with the other BV outlet at Cabazon? They might have a different stock than Woodbury. Hope you find it.
  14. alisonanna, there is an orange catalano campana on if you are interested!
  15. ooh, thanks etsonis! I've never bid on anything on Portero. Pretty, isn't it?!

    This is a really helpful crowd - love the BV forum!!