Cat toys

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  1. Inspired by the Cat Fancier post. How wonderful there are so many cat lovers here!

    I'm always looking for ways to keep my "only child" occupied. He loves toys but he's starting to grow tired of the ones he has.

    What toys do your cats enjoy playing with? Can you recommend any websites with innovative pet toys (if any exist)?
  2. Hmmm...Don't know about any websites. I've never done a search for those but now you've got me thinking....

    My two have tons of toys, but their favorites seem to be the pom pom balls. I bought this one toy from the pet store. It's a pom pom ball, but it has bits of crinkle paper in it so that it makes a little crinkle noise when they play. I'm not sure Gracie really cares for it, but Max seems to like it a lot. I also went to a hobby store a picked up a few of the largest pom poms they had there for them. They seem to like those a lot too. Gracie likes to throw things in the air and catch it, so I try to buy stuff that isn't going to knock her out.:lol:
    I've got a lot of the usual toys, so I'm always on the hunt for something different for them.
  3. Mine loves this oversized mouse I bought him (he likes to rub against it, and then to kick it with his back legs). He also likes that wire toy called 'The Cat Dancer' but I don't like the way he always gets hit in the eyes, when we play with that. And he likes pom poms and those plastic squiggly things that they sell in packages. He likes to carry things in his mouth.
  4. Melisande, my cat loves the Cat Dancer, also. We have two tacked up in our house. He always choose off the little paper things super fast so I have to keep replacing them!
  5. There is this catnip banana that a pet boutique here in Colo sells, I cannot explain it but cats love the banana, I gave them out as xmas gifts to my family and friends's cats - RAVE reviews, cats go crazy for the banana - I have to get a replacement because one of my dogs ate the banana; omg - you should seen him with this banana hanging out of his mouth - he was too precious to stop and then it was gone. :amazed:

    I will post the brand of this wonder-banana this wknd after I buy a new one. :biggrin:
  6. Hey, Intl. That's funny. I have to hide mine, because I worry that he gets the wire in his eyes -- not that he seems to mind, but his eye can water when he gets overenthusiastic and gets hit by it. Otherwise, such a great toy! The cat thinks it's a fly or something.
  7. Some people play with their cats using those little laser beam thingys, but I always think that's a bit cruel -- because there's nothing really there for the cat to grab onto.
  8. My cat looooooooves the lazer beam. I used to think it was cruel, too, but I think he understands it's nothing he can really catch. I honestly believe animals have incredible imaginations, I like to think he's imagining he's running after an elusive bug or something! But the lazer is by far his favorite toy.
  9. Thanks for the website, Intl. I could see my cat getting into some of those toys, he already likes to do some of those types of things -- like that bug one, for e.g.

    He can be very high maintenance. He doesn't like to play on his own, so much. He will do it, but he prefers some sort of interaction. He actually likes playing 'catch' with me -- I roll him a ball and he traps it with his paw and rolls it back to me.
  10. Yes. Mine loves the laser too. But I was iffy about it -- tucked it away in a drawer. Maybe I'm just being over sensitive (I sound like one of those mothers that doesn't let their kids have any sugar -- or any fun!! he hee -- the way I'm writing about the restrictions I place on the life of my poor cat.
  11. [​IMG] LOOK HOW CUTE!!!!
  12. My cat LOVES this toy.

  13. Pictures = so so sweet!
  14. My cat also likes to play inside boxes (climb inside), and to burrow under newspapers. He'll run around the house with a newspaper on his back -- so funny!