Cat Stuck in Ceiling

  1. So in my basement I am doing a major renovation and we have those drop tile ceilings...somehow my cat jumped up into the ceiling and she won't come down. I know this isn't supposed to be funny (and there is no way she can hurt herself up there) but my hubby & I have been pushing up ceiling tiles trying to locate her....we have random ones left open hoping she'll jump down. We stacked up boxes underneath so she feels it is a good height to jump down from. It's kind of funny though......popping our heads up in the ceiling with flashlights, putting cat food all over the place....this is the same cat who crawled into the dash of our RV one trip!
    And she is very I can't pick her up either.....I just have to be quiet in the basement and wait for her to decide to come down!

    Ahhh what we do for our pets!
  2. :huh: any luck?
  3. Oh dear! Please keep us posted! :biggrin:
  4. Oh my goodness!:shocked:
    Does she respond to a can opener?
  5. She just jumped down about 5 minutes she was up there for about 7-8 hours!
    Poor thing....unfortunately she is a very skittish a can opener, shaking cat food, etc. didn't work. She did this one time when we were moving cross country...she climbed under the dash of the RV...she came out when everyone went to sleep!